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Dear purimgifts author,

I hope the below rambles help you get a sense of my interests and inspire you to write something you enjoy.

The below sections mention a lot of ways to include Judaism into stories. It is by no means necessary or expected that you will do that in order to make me happy with the results. Honestly, anything about the characters listed would make me happy.

Babylon 5 - I would obviously love something about Ivanova and the way her upbringing as a Jew impacts her interpretation of her experiences. For instance, how do her Jewish ethics impact her conflict with the psi-corps (bonus points for Bester playing the role of evil vizier)? I definitely ship Susan/Talia so I'd be happy to see that in there somewhere. My other favorite characters are Delenn and G'Kar. I also feel like you could make a strong argument for G'Kar as being in a Jew-like position and a candidate for the "persecuted for what he is by an evil vizier".

Arrow - Felicity is one of my favorite things about this show and it made me so excited when she was revealed as Jewish. I would love to learn more about how she got to where he is. Is this her city or did she move there? How do her parents feel about her choice of career? Are they proud she is so smart or do they wish she'd become a doctor or something and feel like she's wasting her talents? When did she start dyeing her hair blonde? Is it on some level an attempt to pass? My other favorite characters are Diggle and daddy Lance, so I'd love to see either of them pop up. I love Felicity and want her to get what she wants, even if that is boring Oliver,. Really whatever pairings or lack thereof, I will be happy as long as Felicity is treated with respect (by the story if not the other characters).

Mad Men - Rachel Menken - I couldn't bring myself to keep watching this show for more than a season, but I really loved Rachel's character and would love to see something about her. I don't really know what I want at all, just more narrative about Rachel and characters like her (smart, capable, human, Jewish women that aren't shrill or mousy)... which there are almost none of.

Doctor Who - Martha Jones - The TARDIS puts them in the events of the megillah (or another Jewish myth). Alternatively, I would love a crossover where the Doctor picks up one or more of the Jewish women from my other requests as a companion.

Song of Ice and Fire - So many evil vizier candidates in this world. I feel like Sansa or Danearys would be a good candidate for a Purim feeling story. I would also love to see some sort of Judaism-like religion having existed in Westeros. Maybe it predates the Seven and some groups (maybe the Dornish?) still practice in secret like the Crypto-Jews of Spain. Or maybe it is a religion from somewhere outside Westeros. Generally speaking I ship Jaime/Brienne and Littlefinger/Sansa (with a strong element of wrongdirtybad) and am also interested in Asha, Arianne, and the Sand Snakes.

Dresden Files - So there aren't any Jews in the story, but there must be in the world of the story. We have seen the real supernatural basis for a lot of different myths and religions (including Christianity) and I would love to see what the relationship between the three Abrahamic religions looks like in the Dresden-verse. I would also love to see a Jewish magic user or Knight of the Cross (we have had an agnostic knight and an atheist knight already, right?). Favorite characters include: Murphy, Thomas, Sanya, and Lara. Generally speaking ,I just want more Dresden-verse (and I would not object to getting some Harry/Murphy or if you wanted to go more fanon... but please no Harry/Molly or Harry/Marcone).

Log Horizon - I really like this show and the ladies in it (I would prefer something about Maryelle, Henrietta, Akatsuki, or Lenessia over the newbie adventurers though). I would love some world building with maybe a world event that ties into Purim or another Jewish holiday, or Jewish People of the Land, or the revelation that one of the major Adventurer characters is Jewish. Alternatively I would totally go for Akatsuki continually disciplining Naotsugu for being a pervert. I would enjoy something shippy (Krusty/Lenessia, Shiroe/Akatsuki, Henrietta/Maryelle, or Henrietta/Maryelle/Akatsuki come to mind.
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