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I made a fanmix. Well, to be more accurate, I finished a fanmix I'd mostly created over the summer. The original idea was to have all the songs be from the timeframe where Voyager was airing, but I broke that rule on a couple of the songs eventually... because I am weak willed.

Redacted from lodessa on 8tracks Radio.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hamsterwoman , I was able to read Foxglove Summer last week, which (like the other Rivers of London novels) I quite enjoyed.

Aaronovitch continues to have a relatively deft hand in dealing with diversity.  In this book, Peter deals more with people's reactions to him as "not white" since they are not in London with its diversity.  What I liked was that it didn't feel heavy handed.  Peter is aware and monitoring the situation but its never a plot point.  Similarly, Dominic being gay was present but not commented upon in a pleasant way.  His issues with his boyfriend could easily have been issues in a straight relationship (country vs. town etc).  If definitely felt like he just happened to be gay.

 I was glad that they finally moved his relationship with Beverly forward, which didn't feel inevitable or forced, just sort of like a thing that realistically happened. It's execution wasn't amazing or poor, but decent. I also liked that Peter's trauma over Lesley was consistently being dealt with throughout the book, both in his thoughts and because both Beverly and Nightingale show concern and recognition.

I was definitely interested in getting more backstory and information about Nightingale and what happened to the Order.  I was also really interested in finally exploring the Fae and finding out Molly's ancestry.

On the other hand... While I enjoyed Beverly driving in and saving the day, the ending felt a little cheaty.  The pacing was too easy. In some ways I respect the defying of the deals/rules binding with the fae (although, I would have accepted some Tam Lin) but it just felt like it wasn't even a struggle.  Like, I could totally have rooted for just getting the fuck out on the train, if there had been more struggle leading up to it and then they were like "well screw this" and took off.  I hope there will be fallout from this in future books and the "too easy" was intentional.

Also, did I just miss it or did they totally fail to explain the foxglove/atypical ph balance situation that was going on?  It is possible I just didn't pick up on the implication but it seemed odd to make a point of it and then not follow through, especially when the book was named for the floxgloves.  Similarly, they never followed up specifically on how the re-occurance of the fey events tied into the replanting of the grove.  
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