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So I was thinking about representation and writing and fandom's "beige dick" (white boy slash) problem... and then I found myself considering my own writing habits. So I went through all 159 fics/ficlets I have posted to AO3 and came up with some numbers. I write mostly het but I was curious to see just how pale my fic was.

I have 159 fics posted total: 89 of which feature all white characters (56%)

Of those 114 are het (72%): 60 of which are all white pairings (53%)

29 of my fics are gen fic (18%): 21 of which feature only white characters (72%)

I have 14 male slash fics (9%): 6 of which are all white pairings (43%)

Only 5 of my fics are female slash (which is an abysmal 3%): 2 of which all all white pairings (40%)

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones is one of my worst offenders when it comes to ethnic diversity (unsurprisingly). I've posted 26 fics (16% of my fic total) and 24 (92% of those) feature only white characters. 12 of the fics I've posted in this fandom are het (46%) with one of those featuring a man of color. 7 are gen (27%) 4 of which focus on women (57%) and 3 of which focus on men (42%), none of which focus on a character of color. 2 are female slash and 2 are male slash (8% each) and neither of the male slash (0%) and 1 of the female slash ones (50%) features a person of color.

Star Trek: Voyager accounts for 20 of my fics (13% of my fic total) and is made up entirely of het fic featuring a white woman and a man of color.

Harry Potter is another fandom where I have done poorly with ethnic diversity. I've also posted 20 fics for this fandom (13% of my fic total). All of them featured entirely white characters. 14 of these were het (70%). 4 were male slash (20%) with no female slash, and 3 were gen (15%) both of which featured a woman (100%).

Veronica Mars is clearly impacted by my favorite character being a man of color. I've posted 19 fics (12% of my total) 5 of which feature all white characters (26%). 10 of those fics include het (53%) with 2 of those (20%) featuring only white characters. The other 8 het fics include men of color (5/50% where the man is latino and 3/30% where he is african american). 5 of the fics I have posted in the fandom are gen (26%) with 4 of those (80%) focusing on men (only one of whom is of color) one on a white woman. Gen is by far my least diverse category in this fandom. 6 include male slash (32%) all of which feature a man of color (latino) with a white man. 2 are female slash (11%) one of which is between two white women and one of which is between a white woman and a woman of color (both of which are canon men who've been genderswapped).

I have posted 16 RPF fics. 15 of them are interracial het (94%) with 13 (81%) being featuring a man of color (latino) with a white woman and 2 (13%) featuring a woman woman of color (anglo african) with different white men. 1 of them is male slash between two white men (6%).

I looked Jossverse fandoms (another place where whiteness is pretty prevalent) in combination (BtVS, AtS, Firefly, and Dollhouse). It comes out to 14 fics (9% of my total). 12 of them (86%) feature all white characters. 9 of them (64%) feature het, 2 of which (17%) involve a man of color (two different african american men). 4 of them (29%) are gen 2 of which focus on a man and 2 of which focus on a woman... all white. 1 of the fics involves female slash and 1 of them involves male slash (7% each) and both all all white.

The Office (US) accounts for 8 of my fics (5% of my total). 5 of these include all white characters (36%). 4 of them are het (50%) and 2 of those (50%) include a woman of color. 4 are gen (50%) and 2 of those (50%) feature a woman of color, none of them are exclusively male character-centric.

I've posted 5 Doctor Who fics (3% of my total). All of them involve a woman of color; because, she's my favorite. 4 of them include het (80%) while 1 also has some male slash between white men and 1 is female slash between a woman of color with a white woman.

My Grey’s Anatomy fic is straight but diverse and full of women has 5 fics (3% of my total). 1 of these (20%) is all white. 2 are het fics (40%) including one where both of the halves of the pairing are people of color (african american man and asian american woman) and one between two white people. It makes me realize suddenly that I have a number of OTCs who are of color, but they are almost always paired with a white character. There are 3 gen fics (60%): 1 features a white woman. 1 features a latina woman. 1 features an african american man.

In conclusion: Generally speaking I have gotten better at being less white (except the whole ASOIAF situation and that's more a fandom choice situation) but I still tend to pair with my POCs with white characters and I definitely could do with writing more femslash. Really though, it does tend to be about who my OTC happens to be (which is probably not as "random" as I'd think) and who I ship them with. I don't seem to write about women of color nearly as often as men of color, either.
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