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Thanks for all the e-hugs and well wishes, friends. They really cheered me up because I love you guys and it is good to be reminded that you are here for me. I would say I am going to start writing more (again) but I know that would end up somehow not happening.

For today I am going to list the books I have read in the first half of 2011:


Deadline (Newsflesh, #2) by Mira Grant
Fledgling by Octavia Butler
Alcestis by Katharine Beutner
Late Eclipses (October Daye #4) Seanan McGuire
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy, #1) by N.K. Jemisin
Dragonsbane (Winterlands #1) by Barbara Hambly

A Pleasant Enough Way to Pass the Time

Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner
Postmortem, Body of Evidence, and All That Remains (Kay Scarpetta, #1-3) by Patricia Cornwell
Young Miles (Vorkosigan Saga, #3-4; Vorkosigan Omnibus, #2) by Lois McMaster Bujold
Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed, Bone Crossed, Silver Borne, and River Marked (Mercedes Thompson, #1-6) by Patricia Briggs

Conflicted Feelings

Omnitopia Dawn (Omnitopia, #1) by Diane Duane
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Trouble and Her Friends by Melissa Scott
Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (re-read)

Do Yourself a Favor and Don't Read These

Serpent's Storm (Calliope Reaper-Jones, #3) by Amber Benson
Street Magic (Black London, #1) by Caitlin Kittredge

Dry Professional Texts

Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL: A Resource Book for Teaching K-12 English Learners (with MyEducationLab) (5th Edition) (with MyEducationLab) (5th Edition) (MyEducationLab Series) Edited by Suzanne F. Peregoy
Educating English Learners: Language Diversity in the Classroom edited by James Crawford
Schooling and Language Minority Students: A Theoretical Framework edited by Carles F. Leyba
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Here are my four star books for 2010:

Pleasure Reading
Changes, Jim Butcher
A Local Habitation, Seanan McGuire
The Left Hand of Darkness, Ursula LeGuin
Freedom, Daniel Suarez
The Dispossessed, Ursula LeGuin
Feed, Mira Grant
Cordelia's Honor (Vorkosigan Saga 1 & 2), Lois McMaster Bujold

Assigned Reading (out of the books I have been assigned for my program, these are the ones I think are worth reading)
Educational Psychology: Developing Learners, Jeanne Ellis Ormrod
Taking It Personally: Racism in the Classroom from Kindergarten to College, Ann Berlak and Sekani Moyenda
Adolescent Literacy: Turning Promise Into Practice, Kylene Beers
Culture in School Learning: Revealing Deep Meaning, Etta Hollins
Unravelling the "Model Minority" Stereotype, Stacey Lee
Literacy with Attitude: Educating Working Class Children in Their Own Self Interest, Patrick Finn
Reshaping High School English, Bruce Pirie

I read exactly 50 books in 2010. I feel it is a good number. It is less than the 82 I read in 2009 but I was going to school this year and working for half of it as opposed to just working part time half the year and doing nothing the other. I sort of failed at my resolution to only read women though.

Ratio of Books by Women to Overall books
23/37 Pleasure Reading (4 male writers exempted under terms of resolution)
8/12 Assigned Reading
1 Undefined

So let's try it again this year. Exemptions still apply in regards to series I am already reading, so that means I am still reading the next Butcher book and if Martin somehow manages to get Dances with Dragons out by December I am obviously devouring that too. Additionally, I am officially adding the professional books caveat. This applies to texts assigned to me, education books, books the kids are reading, and research I may do for the novel I am theoretically writing.

For real recs of any of the 4 star books, comment and I will let you know why any/all of these books are you should read it/them. Also, this would be a good place to let me know about books by women that I absolutely need to read. As always, the goodreads is here.
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Title: Courtship
Fandom: Codex Alera
Pairing: Isana/Doroga
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1931
Written very late for [personal profile] beckyh2112 who asked for "Doroga/Isana. Doroga comes courting the (powerful)(dangerous)(impressive) Aleran widow" during the [personal profile] alera that was supposed to conclude two months ago.

Read more... )
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1) First and foremost, a lot of angst ridden Lucy/Caspian revolving around her desire to be Susan. Does she want to be Susan because she wants Caspian or does she want Caspian because she wants to be Susan? Does she maybe find a way to look like Susan for a while and hook up with him but sort of hate him for wanting Susan not herself? Does she lie and manipulate him? Or does she tell him the truth and are they both playing pretend and lying to themselves about it.

2)Sanctimonious Jesus loving (OMG possibly nun!) Lucy and her insufferableness in the real world. Possibly in an AU situation where they do not die at the beginning of TLB. Her judging everyone else and being smug about her personal relationship with Jesus/Aslan. Everyone else being creeped out by her.

3) Of course, Pevensie-cest. How instead of being Lucy's other half Edmund is all Susan-centric too. Peter getting jealous about Edmund moving in on his territory. Lucy feeling left out.

4)Alternative Pevensie-cest in which when they come back both Edmund and Lucy miss Caspian (and his hotness) and proceed to have my favorite kind of affair, in which everything is really about their mutual loss of someone beloved.

5)Last but not least, femslash Penesie-cest in which Lucy's coveting of Susan's body takes another form.

(Yeah, obviously I am assuming that someone is already writing lots of Edmund/Caspian with tension and either love or hatesex or probably both.)


Jul. 30th, 2010 10:40 pm
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Inspired by [personal profile] sophia_helix, An Incomplete List of Things I Call Tiberius That Are Not His Actual Name:
The Worst
Dr. Cuddle/Mr. Bite
The Bug
Jr. Cat

An Incomplete List of Things I Call Cupcake That Are Not Her Name
Prettiest and Best
Your/Her Highness
Your/Her Majesty
Your/Her Grace
Queen of the Gnomes
Most Important
Sr. Cat

Also, Spoiler Alert: Baby Tiger Cub = Ridiculously Cute
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I just talked to the head professor for that class I had such issues with last semester and apparently they got rid of the book I hated so much and restructured the points given for papers and the rubric system which I had issues with. On the one hand I am happy that it is getting fixed. On the other hand, paying like $5,000 per course to be a guinea pig gets old. Mostly, smugness of having been right wins out.
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So I was looking at Goodreads and thinking about anticipation, and how a new book that comes out gets read immediately in front of the long long queue of existing books I want to get to. Here are books I am looking forward to:

This Year
Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins - August 24th
An Artificial Night, Seanan McGuire - September 7th
Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files, Jim Butcher - October 24th

In Future Years
A Late Eclipse, Seanan McGuire - March 1st, 2011
Ghost Story, Jim Butcher - March 29th, 2011
Deadline, Mira Grant - May, 2011
Blackout, Mira Grant - 2012
A Dance with Dragons, George R.R. Martin - Probably Never

What are you looking forward to?

(BTW Cow: Thanks!)

Hi guys

Jul. 20th, 2010 10:00 am
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I have returned from two weeks of travel (starting with visiting my aunt in Laguna Beach, followed by going to see my grandmother in Fresno with my mom, and finishing up with camping in Mammoth with Jeremy's family) to a bunch of things to do as my summer is suddenly almost over. I need to deal with a bunch of school related stuff, as well as the home projects that I still haven't touched.

I am covered in mosquito bites from the second half of my trip and bloated from too much restaurant food during the first half but I am glad I went. I am also glad to be home with my kitties, whom I missed ridiculously.

The good news is that I found and secured both my perfect wedding dress and perfect wedding venue (which also does food) before I left, so I am not stressed about that. In fact I am pretty thrilled.

Wedding Planning Disclaimer )
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I thought I was going to make a coherent post on this, so I held off from posting the moment I got done (around midnight on Tuesday), but apparently that's not happening (at least for the moment) so disjointed thoughts below the cut.

Changes )
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[personal profile] allchildren's father has commanded us to go out and get drunk.

(Apparently, it's what Jesus died for.)

Name Meme

Apr. 4th, 2010 10:33 pm
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Comment with a (first) name. I will tell you my associations with that name (real life, fannish, abstract).
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After 4 times of seeing Star Trek in the theater... Well 4 times for me, twice for her (DON'T JUDGE!) [personal profile] allchildren and I present:

A Particularly Troubled Meme

Step 1: Ask your flist for suggestions of characters or people or books or whatever.

Step 2: Describe your flist's requested topics in the format of Original Spock's summary of Nero:

_____, a particularly troubled _______ ...


Gaston, a particularly troubled Frenchman...

Bill, a particularly troubled polygamist...

The Bluths, a particularly incestuous family, are forced to deal with reality when George Sr., a particularly troubled ice cream sandwich lover, is arrested.

Sarah, a particularly troubled escaped convict, attempts to save the world and her son, John (a particularly troubled messiah) from Skynet, a particularly troubled computer system, with the help of Cameron, a particularly troubled robot. ]

Now taking requests and inviting you to share in the fun.
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1) I got my hair cut finally. It's an a-line bob that's stacked in the back (chin length in the front, most of the way up my neck in the back). The woman kept stabbing me in the neck with her fingers, but I am liking the cut so it's okay. Probably will still look for someone new next time though. I also got a new straightener. I went with Chi and it is sparkly and teal green. Hopefully I will get around to posting pictures soon.

2) Sunday night, I saw the Star Trek movie for the 3rd time. We went to the drive in, which was awesome. You can bring in all the food you want, it's cheaper to get in, you can talk as much as you want, no one is kicking the back of your seat, and you don't have to listen to other people. Also now that they do they sound through your car radio it is so much better. We are thinking Terminator: Salvation and Harry Potter: HBP will be seen this way.

3) Yesterday I went to go visit my grandparents finally after meaning to for months. It was super nice and I got to see my two most entertaining uncles as well, as my uncle Greg is out visiting from Florida and my uncle Tim came over to record my grandmother talking about stuff she remembers as part of a sort of oral family history thing. I admit... it was pretty awesome to have both of them to myself since usually I have to compete with the other 14 cousins and 6-11 uncles and aunts, plus significant others, and you cousins' children.

Everyone is now writing Nancy Drew fanfiction. Apparently my Greg and his wife wrote their own ND novels for NaNoWriMolast year and now my uncle Tim wants to do one too. So I said I'd join in. Sometimes I fucking love my family.

4) Now I am at [personal profile] allchildren's, eating Cheez-its, petting the Captain, and such.

5) I am sure you have already all seen this, but if not: Amazing Kirk vid

6) Femslash!

7) Fuck you FOX. Fuck you so much.
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Via [personal profile] beck_liz: Neil Gaiman says to entitled hoes: George R. R. Martin is not your bitch. Awww Neil Gaiman! You are awesome. Maybe I will just utilize my insomnia to stay up all night reading more Sandman (yes, I finally started).

In other news, my siblings are currently both on my shitlist to varying degrees. My sister needs to grow the fuck up and realize there are certain standards of adult behavior she needs to adhere to if she wants to be treated as anything other than a bratty self-absorbed child. On the other hand, my father called me without any prompting the other day. You win some; you lose some.

Sibling-geddon threatened to ruin my belated birthday festivities but crisis was eventually averted and fun and alcohol were had by all.

I have seen the new Star Trek movie twice. It really could have been subtitled: Spock PWNS so much that times two was necessary.

In TV news: I love Castle to pieces, Bones is still kind of weird this season, Dollhouse's finale was a little sloppy, and OMG Grey's Anatomy... way to realize like 3 years late where you went wrong.

We watched Caprica. There was man-pain. And gratuitous cyber sex-drugs-violence. And racism. Plus terrorism and religious persecution.

Meme: Give me a letter and I will tell you 5 things I like that start with that letter.
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Ugh. It's 2:30 and my heart is pounding so fast I'm almost shaking, that and my now familiar friend the nausea. What the fuck is wrong with me? Is this the reward I get for being proactive today and actually putting myself out there, instead of skulking and avoiding? I am meant to feel better after sending out resumes and such. It is times like these that I feel like learning to meditate would be a good investment.

On the other hand, tonight on Castle: Carla from Scrubs and motherfucking ♥Weevil♥. I love Castle's relationship with his daughter so much. Also that young girl is seriously so pretty and I constantly adore how they represent her so nicely without sexing her up weirdly like most teenage girls on tv. And I love how he's kind of secretly a super good guy under all the smarmy sleaze.

Anyway, I'm thinking about doing some VM rewatch, just seeing Fracis Capra on the screen made me miss the good parts of that show so hard. There's a very short list of characters that I've felt so incredibly strongly about (Martha Jones of Doctor Who being the only one since that I can think of... which reminds my that I really need to get my hands on Law and Order: Fucking Pretty).

But first, to get to sleep and stop feeling like a crazy manic person. 25 is meant to be a better year for me than 24, and crazed insomnia is not part of that plan.
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Title: Maybe, That First Time
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Characters/Pairings: John Connor, Kyle/Allison, Derek
Rating: General
Word Count: 1196
Notes: Written for [personal profile] allchildren/[profile] sainfoin_fields who wanted: Kyle/Allison, escape. Hope the John POV works for you, the idea just sort of ran away on me.

The day he reprograms his first terminator, he realizes that he is running out of time. )
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I am currently working on cleaning up my disgustingly filthy apartment (Seriously, how did it get this bad? I blame the gnomes. Although why cat would want her home to be gross is beyond me.), having finally seemingly recovered from last week's nasty virus and yesterday's possible migraine. Of course since it is raining I cannot vacuum because the cat will not go outside and gets really upset if I do so while she is here. Sigh. Well there is enough dishes, counter cleaning, etc. that it's not like I don't have my work cut out for me.

I have Dreamwidth codes; if any of you guys want one let me know.

I also have a desire to write some ficlets, please give me prompts.
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OMG, how is it 5AM already?

Things done on 4/28 so far:

1)Obsessed about time passage in A Song of Ice and Fire and mostly falsely accused GRRM of lacking Math skills.

2) Nearly made level 61 on my Warlock before the server shut down, except a Death Knight set me back about 6 minutes.

3)Helped my brother edit his paper on Kayne West and the evils of Auto-Tune.

At this point might as well try and stay up and re-set the sleep cycle to something more civilized.
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On reviewing the appendixi for different A Song of Ice and Fire volumes to try and determine exactly how much time has actually passed since you can't use seasons to judge time passage:

"Uh oh, apparently GRRM can't do math any more than JKR."

Kids' ages in each book's appendix for the Stark, Baratheon/Lannister, and Arryn families )


Robb ages from 14 to 16 (2 years)
Sansa ages from 11 to 12 by the third book and then goes unspecified (1+ years)
Arya goes from 9 to 11 (2 years)
Bran goes from 7 to 9 (2 years)
Rickon goes from 3 to 4 years (1 year)

Joffery goes from 12 to 13 and then back to 12 again (effectively no years)
Mrycella goes from 8 to 9 (1 year)
Tommen goes from 7 to 8 (1 year)

Robert Arryn goes from 6 to 8 between the first and second books and stays there (2 years)

Since Robert Arryn ages two years in that first jump and everyone else 1, we have to assume that the first book covers a little over a year. But then all the Stark children including Robb age years over all except for little Rickon, but the Lannister children only one, except for Joffery who gain no years overall. Birthdays could account for all of this except for Joffery's mysterious redacted year, except that it seems odd that one book took over a year and other three combined less than one... and then we get to the issue of spoilers )

I guess technically it is all possible (with the exception of the Joffery thing) and only goes to show us that each progressive book gives us more detail and less movement. Still, given how long travel takes seemingly and a certain impression of time spent, such as spoilers ) it seems odd that so little time would have passed.


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