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1)Apparently I totally missed the boat on the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade (2 days ago). However, I wanted to say that there is no issue that gets me as stirred up as that of a Woman's Right to Choose. I've always felt strongly about it and I feel like I've chronicled that elsewhere in this journal but it can never be strongly enough or too often. I ma probably going to do a more thinky post on the subject in the near future but I just wanted to take a minute and mark the occasion and say that I hope 35 years from now the jugement will still stand and that finally somewhere in there people will stop trying to undermine and tear it down. I hope 35 years shows me a better world for everyone but especially for women.

2) At Jeremy's suggestion.... we have put everything Eliza Dushku is in that is available on Nextflix at the top of our queue (yes even the bad horror movies). The first thing to arrive though, was Tru Calling and I have really been enjoying constant Eliza on my screen. The last two nights Jeremy has raided on WoW and I have sat like a foot from the TV screen and basked in the glory. Oh Eliza Dushku, I love you and your pretty hair and shiny lips and utter hotness.


Jan. 7th, 2008 10:57 am
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The Weekend )

*Power was out for a day and a half.
*That's What She Said Drinking Shakespeare.

After much discussion with [livejournal.com profile] hamsterwoman

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So I was reading this Office fic. It's 4 Dunder Mifflin Employees finding out they are pregnant (and one not). To begin with I thought it was pretty good... but by the time I got to the 4th of 5 sections and Karen... like Kelly, Jan, and Angela had no thoughts whatsoever of not keeping the baby when she finds out she is pregnant I became pretty horrified.

Who is this person and what world do they live in?

Sure, Kelly I can see (after all she forgets to take her birth control pills accidentally on purpose). Jan the author built up the intentionality and it is canon that she wants kids. Angela... now I would have liked to see some sort of struggle here between believing that abortion is wrong and believing that being pregnant out of wedlock is wrong. I sort of thought it was implied though until I got to the next section. Karen, now that was fucking ridiculous. Karen is a somewhat ambitious, independent, non-traditional, woman. She isn't going to have her ex-boyfriend who ditched her for the receptionist's baby just because. There's no fucking way she'd assume she had to. The last section is not even getting discussed because... boring.

So yeah. I am seriously disturbed and actually pretty fucking enraged by this fic. I am not saying that they need to all (or even necessarily any) decide to have an abortion but that is doesn't even occur to them given the circumstances is fucking ridiculous and tells me horrendous things about the author's world view.
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Later I am going to squee about Regina, but right now I wanted to make a post I've been thinking about ever since the supreme court thing.

There are a lot of songs about abortion. I really love Ani Difranco's "Lost Woman Song" for instance. But the song that will forever stand out in my mind as the most eloquent explanation of why I am pro-choice and think everyone should be, is the Digable Planets' "La Femme Fetal". I loved this song because I really understood what it was even talking about, and when I got older and listened to it again, I was blown over by how intelligent and full of class the song is, and how well it describes why I will never be okay with anyone who thinks they get to decide what someone else should do.

So I quickly uploaded it after my workout this morning for you all:

La Femme Fetal

Also, quintessential lines for those unconvinced:

* "They don't really give a damn about life. They just don't want a woman to control her body, or have the right to choose."

* They just want a male finger on the button; because, if you say war, they will send them to die by the score."

* "If Souter and Thomas have their way, you'll be standing in line unable to get welfare while they'll be out hunting and fishing."

* "It has always been around. It will always have a niche, but they'll make it a privelege, not a right, accessible only to the rich."

* "Life doesn't stop after birth, and for a child borne to the unprepared, it might even just get worse."

*"If Roe v Wade was overturned, would not the desire remain intact, leaving young girls to risk their healths and doctors to botch and watch as they kill themselves."
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1) Fandom criteria for pairing creation
Extrapolated by myself and [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix

a) Both characters are attractive

b) They have also met in canon
(main pairing)

c) They additionally occasionally argue

2) Srong Opinions: So I was reading about the supreme court's latest indication of having no respect whatsoever for Roe v. Wade or women's welfare in general and one thing in particular hit me. )

3)On Life and Changing and Growing: I've been tryin' to nod my head, but it's like I've got a broken neck. )
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Looking through the results of my last poll I have decided to thank the people who read my journal and take my polls. The way I am going to do this is by making a post for each person who responded to this poll, in the order that they responded. The post will contain the subjects and type of journalling that you said you'd like to see.

This first post is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] rogueslayer452, who asked for: Veronica Mars, Real Life, Firefly, Serenity, Literature, Mythology, and Political/Social Issues. In the form of: Informational, Opinions/Reactions, Icons, More Polls.

Grey's Anatomy, Reactions )

Political/Social Issues: Where do I stand? )

Real Life: Some Less Inflammatory things about me... Okay Maybe Not. Overshare might be a better Description )

Firefly/Serenity: Why Are Black Men the Ones to Actually Track River Down?(includes some discussion of Buffy and Angel as well) )

Veronica Mars: Displaced Princesses and Noble Peasants )

Mythology: Firefly/Serenity: River's Insanity in the Tradition of the Seer )

[Poll #694748]
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I would have an abortion. The circumstances under which I would, might, have, or might have chosen to have an abortion are nobody's business but mine and those I choose to tell. They are not the business of any government. I do not accept the proposition that either the state or my sexual partner(s) should have any say over when and if I choose to bear a child. I do not accept any sovereignty over my body and my reproductive organs but my own. If faced with the situation, I will do everything feasible to help other women and girls I know exercise their rights to safely terminate a pregnancy if they so choose. When a state treats women and girls as chattel, it is they that commit a crime.


If you agree, please place the preceding paragraph in your journal (or craft your own if you only agree with part of it). Then use the following link to send a message to South Dakota's governor: Planned Parenthood's take action page. And thanks:



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