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Via [personal profile] beck_liz: Neil Gaiman says to entitled hoes: George R. R. Martin is not your bitch. Awww Neil Gaiman! You are awesome. Maybe I will just utilize my insomnia to stay up all night reading more Sandman (yes, I finally started).

In other news, my siblings are currently both on my shitlist to varying degrees. My sister needs to grow the fuck up and realize there are certain standards of adult behavior she needs to adhere to if she wants to be treated as anything other than a bratty self-absorbed child. On the other hand, my father called me without any prompting the other day. You win some; you lose some.

Sibling-geddon threatened to ruin my belated birthday festivities but crisis was eventually averted and fun and alcohol were had by all.

I have seen the new Star Trek movie twice. It really could have been subtitled: Spock PWNS so much that times two was necessary.

In TV news: I love Castle to pieces, Bones is still kind of weird this season, Dollhouse's finale was a little sloppy, and OMG Grey's Anatomy... way to realize like 3 years late where you went wrong.

We watched Caprica. There was man-pain. And gratuitous cyber sex-drugs-violence. And racism. Plus terrorism and religious persecution.

Meme: Give me a letter and I will tell you 5 things I like that start with that letter.
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My BPAL came today! I am currently wearing Frumious Bandersnatch because the some of it escaped the imp when I was sniffing them all. It smells SO GOOD (spicy-sweet-fruity honeysuckle) but is possibly disappearing too fast on me.

On first sniff: My bottle of Baghdad seems way less spicy and more musk/soapy than [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix's but hopefully that's an in the bottle issue and it will not wear that way. Siren seems a little musky too. Bengal, Lady Macbeth, March Hare, and Juke Point smell promising and I am excited to try them all out over the course of the next week.

My frimps are: Anne Bonny (intriguing), Wolfsbane (bleh), Golden Priapus (possibly awesome?), and Nuit (meh).

I will report on all of these as I experience them more fully.

I spent the evening Facebook stalking former acquaintances with [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix, which was amazing as always, and trying to decide on recipes for tomorrow night's Seder. Also a stupid quiz tried to tell me I should live in Fresno... ummm NO.

I am way behind on talking about TV (but up to date on T:SCC [omg wtf how are you so amazing], Dollhouse[wow this show is really stepping it up at last], Bones[finally we get to where we should have been at the beginning of the season], Life[better but still underwhelming, they have wasted this season], and Castle [LOVE!]... all of which I am feeling happy with). Also I finished watching season 1 of Dexter, which was just as compelling as promised, possibly I will talk about this when I get around to summing up Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica (two sci-fi shows that are polar opposites in how to make a TV show... or how not to in one case).

AND THE NEW DRESDEN FILES BOOK COMES OUT TOMORROW! Of course this means all fic writing needs to be put on hold for new canon absorption, but I am seriously ridiculously excited.
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A few days ago, looking through [livejournal.com profile] who_daily I came across the vid Mood Rings(Doctor Who: Ten/Martha/Donna/Rose) by [livejournal.com profile] anagraphic and while watching it I was torn in two for a minute. The vidding itself is very good but I was really bothered by the actual song choice. The id part of me found it adorable and cute, but the thinking rational part of me was extremely aggravated, by the entire premise of the song but specifically in light of Doctor Who and Ten especially. The underlying assumptions were like rubbing salt in an open wound. Because we all know that Martha, Donna, and Rose are OVERLY EMOTIONAL TICKING TIME BOMBS and poor Ten is SO INCAPACITATED BECAUSE THEY ARE PRETTY. Because, guys that is how girls are right? But it's okay, because they are pretty and make nice arm ornaments. And their being crazy people is the problem, not that perhaps THE DOCTOR IS AN ALIEN and maybe doesn't completely get certain things about being human. But seriously, the companions in question are not particularly hysteric, I would even say that the reverse is true, and last time I checked it is Ten who GETS AWAY WITH MURDER because people find him oh so special. Anyway, that the song exists speaks to the existence of this mentality in our culture, but I think we all know that already. It is supposed to be funny and cute to talk about how girls are so pretty but so crazy but... really all it is is more of the last panel of this. And that comic is amazing, but because it is pointing out a ridiculous thing, not being it.

The actual plot for Castle this week was not as amazing, but I still really am enjoying the show and especially the stuff with his daughter.

Castle - Episode 1x03 )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles continues to be amazing and wow me every week.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronoicles - Episode 2x19 )

Dollhouse is still problematic but now in an interesting and possibility good way that makes me excited to keep watching, instead of in a waiting for it to be something more than meh way.

Dollhouse - Episode 1x06 )

I found the BSG finale to be better if I didn't connect the dots and just looked at the immediate images and let them resonate in my brain instead of trying to follow the path of the show. I will probably post about it in more detail later.

I finally started to watch Dexter this week after being told to do so for a long time and actually owning season 1 for almost a year. I have watched the first two episodes now, and I am hooked. It is just so bizarrely engrossing.

I also finally gave in to the temptation and ordered my first BPAL. This is all [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix's fault since yesterday she was like "I'm playing with my BPAL, come play with me". And then my wrists smelled like cinnamon honey-sticks. Which of course made me want actual honey-sticks but neither the natural foods store nor Whole Foods had them, (Fuck you Whole Foods; this is just another way in which you are inferior to Wild Oats) Anyway. I ordered a bottle of Bhagdad (which is what I was wearing yesterday) and imps of Frumious Bandersnatch, March Hare, Lady Macbeth, Juke Joint, Bengal, and Siren.
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Sometimes I forget, that conversations had in my living room with [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix do not automatically translate into having posted about it. So this BSG speculation is a few weeks old.

All Along the Watchtower and Kara Thrace's Oh So Special Destiny )
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I don't remember the last time I enjoyed a show as much as I am enjoying Castle.

Castle: Episode 1x02 )

BSG: Daybreak, Part 1 )

Also I finished watching Babylon 5 last week (I cried, not just got choked up by actually had the tears steam down my face and onto my lap). I don't quite feel prepared to talk in detail about it as a whole yet, but hopefully soon, and in the meantime I will say it is beautiful to see something so well planned out and watch characters have somewhere to go for 5 seasons that doesn't cheapen them or forget its own canon.
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1. Attention to everyone who watches or ever has watched Grey's Anatomy. It's been almost a year and a half that I've been clean but there's this plot bunny that largely involves one Alex Karev and I am finding that I don't remember as much as I would like. So dear, dear, friends: help a fangirl out. Please remind me about any of his back story you remember, particularly any details about the whole growing up on bars/nightclubs because of musician father bit. (Anonymous comments are as always enabled, so feel free to use them if the shame of admitting you remember/ever knew is too much.)

2. [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix has followed up her post about BSG and Captain Planet with a possibly even better one about Torchwood and Captain Planet". Both posts are sheer brilliance.

3. There 4 More days left to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] asoiaf_equinox. Come on flist, if you guys don't want to signup for my fic exchange what does that say about my ability to run one? (To those of you who already have, you are the best.)

4) Of my unfinished/planned fics I am now realizing that over half of them are crossovers at this point. When did I start having so many crossover bunnies?

5) There is nothing (including how exhausted I am today) that a good lolcat cannot remedy:
more cat pictures
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So this weekend [livejournal.com profile] countouttheday and her boy came out to California, because he's gotten into a top grad program out here and they are probably going to be moving from New York to here in the fall. She sent me an email on Wednesday night about this fact and maybe making plans for Saturday. I was thrilled. Jeremy, unfortunately had agreed to close Saturday night for someone (usually it is his day off). On Friday he managed to get out of it and we met up with them in the city at about 1... and walked around for about 4 hours. My brother ended up being in the city as well but our timing was off. Which didn't matter much since we all hit it off really well (she and I had hung out in New York about a year and a half ago but the boys hadn't met anyone other than their SO). We headed back to Palo Alto where they were staying, Jeremy and I booked ourselves a room in the same hotel and we had delicious food and alcohol. It was about 3AM by the time we went to bed and I woke up with a little bit of a hangover and slightly more suffering from lack of sleep (I always wake up ridiculously early in the morning if I drink the night before). We almost made them late for their plane, because I mixed up my freeways a little, but it worked out alright in the end as they made it in the nick of time, only to have their plane delayed anyway. In conclusion I am so happy that they are moving out here. We both are.

After dropping them off, we hung out for a few hours in the city with Jeremy's best friend and his fiance, at their place. I feel I was a poor guest (mostly hiding my face in Jeremy's shoulder) but they had also had a late night. We finally left there for my mother's boyfriend's mother's wake at the House of Prime Rib at about 3:20 and found parking and arrived just about exactly on time. Hilariously, some people (including my sister) showed up who had said they weren't going to, so Jeremy and I got seated separately. Basically we had a really nice dinner, with great service, on Dan. We could hear each other and didn't have to deal with awkwardness. It was awesome. I seriously recommend the place if you are looking for a nice place and eat red meat (although apparently they do have seafood and chicken options if you ask). Slightly less awesome is the fact that my left ankle (which is weak since I have sprained it a few times over the years) is all swollen from so much walking and the other is also a little stiff. I've been rubbing stuff on it and it seems to be helping, but I'm definitely going to be avoiding unnecessary walking for a little bit while it recovers.

On the cat front, Cupcake seems not to be too bothered by the newcomer, only occasionally hissing/growling at her until she retreats a little. The radius she insists upon seems to be shrinking though. I have hopes that they can maybe work it out. In which case we need a name for the darling. Kyle has suggested both Pontoof(?) and Yoshimi. The first Tatiana has plans for, and the second has long been [livejournal.com profile] sainfoin_fields' theoretical cat. I jokingly said we should name her Salem (after the cat in Sabrina the Teenage witch) but no one laughed. Jeremy suggested Anastasia, which I like well enough but I am not sold. Perhaps we could call her Arya, but she seems too mellow for the most part. She is long and black.

We watched BSG 4x1 when it aired on Friday[spoilers ahead] )

Jeremy and I wanted to go down to Southern California next week, and he got the time off approved, but I couldn't (am irritated because I mainly feel like my bosses are just being bitchy). So maybe the week before my birthday. I really need some time off and we really need to visit family.

Also I went to the dentist today.


Feb. 26th, 2008 04:32 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] novin_ha just wrote me a Six/Illyria Crossover Drabble and it is absolutely perfect.
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So that poll from yesterday wasn't exactly random.

The Bones question was partly trying to see how popular the show was on my flist (or how much recruiting I needed to do), but also a good segue here for me to talk about why I love Bones, and you should give it a shot... or a second try. When I heard about Bones, a procedural with Angel... I was not really at all interested. The first few times I caught bits of season 1, I had a hard time remembering that Booth was not Angel and was in fact a "normal" human being, and FBI agent. The first time I watched a whole episode, I wasn't that in to the crazy case of the week (cannibalism) but I did enjoy the beginnings of UST between Booth/Bones. More than that though, I enjoyed the scenes back at the lab with the secondary characters. They are all totally smart science nerds, but the show didn't stick to that. They are really interesting, human, adorable, and compelling. They were funny, but not in that self deprecating way that makes me not enjoy most comedy. I'll admit though, that this wasn't enough to get me hooked on the show. I might have not started watching it at all, if it weren't for [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix who showed me the pirate episode, and the more I started catching episodes at her house, the more I wanted to see the next one. I think it helped that the show was having more interpersonal plotline on the surface, including nerd love that didn't follow any of the customs for sidekick romance plotlines. But whatever it was, I became totally hooked. I was going to try and quantify things like interesting and intelligent characters and the balance between humor and drama and the mystery of the week and the character arcs (which exist and work!), but then I realized that the sense of balance and cohesion that makes good tv, can't be explained. So I'm just saying, it grew on me and maybe if you let it... it will grow on you too. It has become the highlight of my TV week and the one thing I really would be upset if got canceled.

The Song of Ice and Fire question was more about pimping and less about asking. I know who reads the series, have for a long time. But I think that all of you should be. I was shocked to find in my poll that someone I generally find to have much the same taste as myself, apparently is the one person not to like these books, who has been exposed. They have everything, from the elements of high fantasy (dragons, prophesies, magic), to the grittiness and psychology of high literature. Martin makes you root for both sides of opposing forces at the same time. He makes you hate a character for his monstrous behavior and then explains the other side and you find yourself respecting and emphasizing with that same character. He gives you strong willed women, some in body and some not, some valiant and some villainous. He gives you a spectrum of religions, some with frightening power and some seemingly inept. He gives you romance and anti-romance and friendship and backstabbing and kin and twisted secrets and a whole world that feels as if it really is three dimensional and has a history longer than our own and not just invented backwards in the shallow space between the book's bindings. It is a world as real as our own, and just as complex and subtle and brazen and crude and sophisticated. This is the series of our time, possibly all time. It is epic like Tolkien but insightful like Dostoyevsky and puzzling like Garcia Marquez and bleeding like Morrison and probably I am overselling it, but I know books are harder to persuade than TV shows. So I will end by telling you how I spent the YEARS between the release of the second and the third book actively thinking about the characters and world the entire time... without fandom or anyone else to feed me back enthusiasm or motivation... I just couldn't get it out of my head.

The Supernatural question was a trick question. Supernatural's very existence offends me. I deleted a lot of people off my flist for talking about it too much a while back. Nothing in it appeals to me. I don't like scary things, I don't like female-less shows, I don't like slash terribly much, and people who try and convince me to watch based on Denny being on it... clearly didn't pay attention to my hating Denny and wanting him to die and get off my show. Occasionally they have guest stars I sort of want to see, but that is not enough to change my distaste for the whole thing. Now, my poll (and common knowledge) shows that people I like and respect seem to be really into this show, but I just can't get over how much it represents everything I hate about TV and fandom. I like a good looking guy as much as the next girl but really... it's got to stop. When I say I dislike slash I belie myself. MY VM OTP is after all... slash. But what I really dislike is the slasher mentality. Cut the girls out because girls are yucky and we hate ourselves and let's have boylovin' probably boylovin' in which one or both of the boys act like girls and maybe we will even dress them up like girls but vaginas are scary and yucky and I hate gross disgusting het. I know... it's not like I'm saying anything new, but the whole thing just brings up all the old issues.

BSG's inclusion wasn't about pimping or bitching. I knew I was going to watch the rest of season 3 last night, so I figured it would be a good way to tie in my reaction/opinions and tie others reactions to my memory of it. So without further preamble Reactions, speculation, and observations from Crossroads and about Season 4 )

The HBO poll was largely just a poll. I wanted to see who was watching the things I've been watching and I wanted recommendations for other HBO shows because, while they are too expensive to get any way other than netflix, they seem to make good tv... and concise. I'm thinking some time in the next few weeks I will be marathoning season 2 of Rome, and as soon as the boy finishes watching Veronica Mars I'll probably be watching Big Love again, and be caught up in time to not be able to see season 2 in real time since I don't have access to HBO. Rome is shiny bloody porn, and I am excited and kind of glad I saved most of the season till now. Big Love is interesting and kind of ridiculously sexy.

So I picked up the first issue of the Buffy comic last week and I enjoyed it, but I am almost tempted to wait and not read until the whole thing is done because it's seriously so little! I want MORE and feel dissatisfied by the limitedness of what fits in one issue. I feel like I only got the teaser that goes before the credits.

So I will put the love triangle discussion under the cut since it will have spoilers for aired episodes of Ugly Betty and The Office )

So the spin off question... other than being a chance for me to be snide and give overly specific answers? Well it's been on everyone's mind.

I am the opposite of most of fandom, in that, if I could redesign the VM cast Logan would definitely not be in it any more. He's Spiko(fandom cliches of Spike and Draco) and he's taken that role in the show. He takes too much screen time and basically just wallows in emo. He was a good character in season 1 because he was antagonistic but someone Veronica had a connection to. In season 2 he was off with Weevil, again being ally and antagonist... now he's just lame boyfriend or not boyfriend. You can't please the fangirls... if he's domesticated he's a drag and if he's back to being an asshole you are vilifying their precious.

While I'd be perfectly happy to see Veronica Mars canceled and put out of it's misery like it deserves and probably will be, part of me does want some sort of redemption for something so fallen... and probably it wouldn't work out that way but a little part of me hopes.

I am somewhat jaded about the Addison spin-off. Grey's has too many characters and instead of using the spin off to lessen the burden they are just adding more people. Still, the cast for the show looks pretty good and I can easily go for more shiny crack. If it was me though... I'd move Sara Ramirez over and then she and Taye Diggs would eventually SING.

Angel, however, probably set the bar too high for any other spin-off to meet it. It took a beloved show and made something even better... keeping the trademark Joss style and at the same time having a completely different ideology than the original and a whole new flavor.
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This weekend has turned out far better than expected. First there is the fact that my [livejournal.com profile] dearladydisdain came and rescued me from boredom and emoing by running off to play with me. We have watched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie), The Lion King (in all it's VHS glory), and Clueless (how could anyone not totally love Josh?) and we did some Tarot readings with my beloved Legend: The Arthurian Tarot deck(not to be confused with the other Arthurian Tarot deck). We also called [livejournal.com profile] rawles and talked to her on speakerphone in an attempt to pretend she was wih us. In addition to having [livejournal.com profile] dearladydisdain staying with me, last night [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix and [livejournal.com profile] actoplasm came over and we had a four course meal of carbs( crackers and cheese, pizza and macaroni and cheese, latkahs, and chocolate chip cookies) and watched The Life of Brian, the night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, and a few episodes of Pete and Pete. I should really hang out with them more often.

Recent Fandom Insights Include:

Zoe is McGonagall (well actually this was a new years revalation). Which led to OMG the crew of Serenity at Hogwarts. dearladydisdain elaborates in her lj.

In the movie, Pike is totally the Slayer, not Buffy.

Big Pete of Pete and Pete as Lee Adama. Which leads to Little Pete dying because OMG Ellen let him pass flight school and various other mishaps.

The pseudo incest in Clueless is sort of like Lee/Kara, not in characters but because Cher's dad thinks of Josh as a son just like Adama thinks of Kara as a son/daughter/whatever. Both are totally the favorite son.

Simba is angsty and emo... and sometimes he is wee like Lee. Which led to cracky ideas about Adama having an evil brother (except he sort of does and his name is Tigh, except Tigh loves Adama so you know). But more importantly angst... and Lee and Kara as young Simba and Nala (before she loses her afrosass)

Starbuck should be a cylon so that there will be many copies of her and everyone can have their own, because everyone needs a Starbuck.

EDIT: Possibly Clueless is partially responsible for a generational love of fictional pseudo incest.


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