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Via [personal profile] beck_liz: Neil Gaiman says to entitled hoes: George R. R. Martin is not your bitch. Awww Neil Gaiman! You are awesome. Maybe I will just utilize my insomnia to stay up all night reading more Sandman (yes, I finally started).

In other news, my siblings are currently both on my shitlist to varying degrees. My sister needs to grow the fuck up and realize there are certain standards of adult behavior she needs to adhere to if she wants to be treated as anything other than a bratty self-absorbed child. On the other hand, my father called me without any prompting the other day. You win some; you lose some.

Sibling-geddon threatened to ruin my belated birthday festivities but crisis was eventually averted and fun and alcohol were had by all.

I have seen the new Star Trek movie twice. It really could have been subtitled: Spock PWNS so much that times two was necessary.

In TV news: I love Castle to pieces, Bones is still kind of weird this season, Dollhouse's finale was a little sloppy, and OMG Grey's Anatomy... way to realize like 3 years late where you went wrong.

We watched Caprica. There was man-pain. And gratuitous cyber sex-drugs-violence. And racism. Plus terrorism and religious persecution.

Meme: Give me a letter and I will tell you 5 things I like that start with that letter.
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Last night I dreamed that we found a baby polar bear and it was adorable and soft and we fed it fish that were preserved in like ice cubes and instead of it eating Cupcake, or her just hating it, after the feeding she walked up and they licked each other and curled up like friends. I was sort of sad to wake up to not having a baby polar bear as a pet. At least Cupcake has deigned it acceptable to nap on the other side of the couch while I sit her on my laptop.

Tomorrow, I have to drive about three hours to Fresno, sans Jeremy who has to work, to go to a Chanukkah/Uncle's Birthday party at the JAP (Jewish American Princess, for those of you not familiar with the term)cousins' that night. Then they next night we are going to a catered Chanukkah party (also in the Fresno area) at my maternal grandmother's wealthy friend (who wants my brother to date her princess daughter)'s house. Then I get to be home for a day or so, before driving another three hours out to Santa Rosa on Christmas Eve to spend it with my paternal grandmother (trying to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix for exchanging presents etc somewhere along the way), go to brunch the next morning at my paternal grandfather's (thankfully only like 10 minutes away) and then drive back to Sacramento to my mother's so that her boyfriend can feed us prime rib. Long live the holidays and intermarrying. Hopefully yours are less hectic than mine.

However, apparently we are the #10 ranked guild for our server and faction in WoW... which would be impressive if it was a higher pop server. Still less fail than expected. So yay look at me!
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So our Thanksgiving tradition of all getting together on my mom's side in Fresno got destroyed last year when my uncle's wife suddenly decided to go down her family after 20 something years and after having hosted the dinner for the last 5 or so instead of my grandparents (a year after my grandfather's death I might add). Also she didn't even say anything. Last year, my mom and Dan hosted it and I made a large portion of the food. This year, what I really wanted to do was have some friends over and have a nice little Thanksgiving of our own. Until today the family plan for this year was to gather at my grandmother's and mom, Dan, and I would make food and maybe order in a few things. Yesterday I decided to call my grandmother and tell her me wouldn't make it on account of Jeremy's schedule and have that friends Thanksgiving. So I call her and suddenly I am getting filled in on drama. Well... my aunt remembered my mom getting stressed out last year and demanded that we only order in food or she wasn't coming. So my grandmother was telling me that she would just drive up if Wendi was going to be a pain and we would have it at mom and Dan's and that would solve the problem of Jeremy having to work at 3AM the next day. She told me to call mom and have her call her. I get ahold of mom and when I bring it up she flips out and doesn't want to talk about it then and when she said she'd call me back she sounded like she was starting to cry. WTF? Why does Thanksgiving bring out the crazy.

Also my sister is ditching out and going to Virginia with her boyfriend... So more pressure for me. Cry. I seriously cannot wait until we have a house and thus room to host it ourselves for the whole family. And this doesn't even begin to cover the issue with dad and my brother and my grandmother on that side and everything else involving having divorced parents... or Jeremy's family.

I really hope my mom stubbornly insists on going to Fresno and I can thus blow my family off and have friends over instead. But I am sure that will not happen and instead there will be a shit ton of drama before we reach the end of this.
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So this weekend [livejournal.com profile] countouttheday and her boy came out to California, because he's gotten into a top grad program out here and they are probably going to be moving from New York to here in the fall. She sent me an email on Wednesday night about this fact and maybe making plans for Saturday. I was thrilled. Jeremy, unfortunately had agreed to close Saturday night for someone (usually it is his day off). On Friday he managed to get out of it and we met up with them in the city at about 1... and walked around for about 4 hours. My brother ended up being in the city as well but our timing was off. Which didn't matter much since we all hit it off really well (she and I had hung out in New York about a year and a half ago but the boys hadn't met anyone other than their SO). We headed back to Palo Alto where they were staying, Jeremy and I booked ourselves a room in the same hotel and we had delicious food and alcohol. It was about 3AM by the time we went to bed and I woke up with a little bit of a hangover and slightly more suffering from lack of sleep (I always wake up ridiculously early in the morning if I drink the night before). We almost made them late for their plane, because I mixed up my freeways a little, but it worked out alright in the end as they made it in the nick of time, only to have their plane delayed anyway. In conclusion I am so happy that they are moving out here. We both are.

After dropping them off, we hung out for a few hours in the city with Jeremy's best friend and his fiance, at their place. I feel I was a poor guest (mostly hiding my face in Jeremy's shoulder) but they had also had a late night. We finally left there for my mother's boyfriend's mother's wake at the House of Prime Rib at about 3:20 and found parking and arrived just about exactly on time. Hilariously, some people (including my sister) showed up who had said they weren't going to, so Jeremy and I got seated separately. Basically we had a really nice dinner, with great service, on Dan. We could hear each other and didn't have to deal with awkwardness. It was awesome. I seriously recommend the place if you are looking for a nice place and eat red meat (although apparently they do have seafood and chicken options if you ask). Slightly less awesome is the fact that my left ankle (which is weak since I have sprained it a few times over the years) is all swollen from so much walking and the other is also a little stiff. I've been rubbing stuff on it and it seems to be helping, but I'm definitely going to be avoiding unnecessary walking for a little bit while it recovers.

On the cat front, Cupcake seems not to be too bothered by the newcomer, only occasionally hissing/growling at her until she retreats a little. The radius she insists upon seems to be shrinking though. I have hopes that they can maybe work it out. In which case we need a name for the darling. Kyle has suggested both Pontoof(?) and Yoshimi. The first Tatiana has plans for, and the second has long been [livejournal.com profile] sainfoin_fields' theoretical cat. I jokingly said we should name her Salem (after the cat in Sabrina the Teenage witch) but no one laughed. Jeremy suggested Anastasia, which I like well enough but I am not sold. Perhaps we could call her Arya, but she seems too mellow for the most part. She is long and black.

We watched BSG 4x1 when it aired on Friday[spoilers ahead] )

Jeremy and I wanted to go down to Southern California next week, and he got the time off approved, but I couldn't (am irritated because I mainly feel like my bosses are just being bitchy). So maybe the week before my birthday. I really need some time off and we really need to visit family.

Also I went to the dentist today.


Feb. 28th, 2008 12:49 pm
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Dear Borders,

Your being a terrible company who treats their employees like shit is totally not appreciated.

Employee's Significant Other

Dear Mother,

Right around your birthday is not the time to make me angry with you. It encourages me to not get you nice presents and to make you feel old.

Your Child With Money

Dear Bra,

Stop trying to cut my boobs in half.

Your Wearer

Dear Dr. Riddle,

I totally appreciate that you are doing something you could rightly ask me to do, but could you be slightly less weird and sleazy about it?

Yours Truly,
That Cute Administrative Assistant You Are Always Weirdly Flirtatious With

Dear Self,

I know your OCD impulses make you want to spend all day adding books on goodreads.com, but please get back to work and stop undoing all the progress you've made this week as far as being on top of things at work.

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[Poll #1074265]

It is Friday at last (less than 5 hours until the weekend) and I would like to accomplish the following things this weekend:
1) Finding and purchasing leather pants for my Faith Halloween Costume.
2) Getting caught up on the laundry at last.
3) Doing enough research for my writing sample to determine if my author based arguments are feasible.
4) Actually starting to write for my writing sample.

My mother suggested having dinner together tonight and I am trying to call her and tell her that she is welcome to come over but she is not answering either of her cell phones or her work number.

I am trying to write Wes/Faith fic but it is not working. Perhaps, after I acquire those pants, I will make J role play with me for inspiration.

Last night, we were walking back from NBC comedy watching at [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix and [livejournal.com profile] actoplasm's. The cat was waiting on the ledge by the door because she had refused to come in when we were leaving. Upon seeing us she chirped and jumped down in front of the door. But then the much larger white cat from upstairs (who had obviously been waiting for her to come down, fatass) attacked her. It's owner opened his door (probably because I was screaming at the cats) and the attacker took off but he didn't say anything (like maybe: sorry my cat was stalking yours). My poor baby ran inside and J pet her and fed her and gave her treats until her tail stopped being puffed up, but now I fear I have to worry about letting her outside when we are planning on going anywhere because it is clearly not safe for my compact cat in the wilds of our apartment complex.

Also hello and welcome to new friends: [livejournal.com profile] vonnie_k, [livejournal.com profile] etrangere and [livejournal.com profile] unanon.
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1) 2 Weeks and 3 Days Until my GRE Subject Test for Literature in English.  I am in no way prepared.  Please ask me more questions.

2) I am not stalking Alan Rickman and Eliza Dushku; because, hey I really don't need to make an ass of myself in front of famous people I am actually impressed by. Also: work.

3) My sister has named her new kitten Mr. Ernest Worthing... no one said we weren't a nerdy family (Just be glad that that we didn't go with Ziggy Stardust or Buddy Holly or Biggie Smalls or any of the other ideas that were popular).

4) This weekend my cousin Rachel got married.  My cousin Matt was a bridesmaid... he also caught the bouquet.

5)I have pretty pretty nails (pink and whites and shiny light pink on the toes with white flowers and purple rhinestones). They make me feel... classy.

6) Possibly I never mentioned how pretty my undergraduate school is. ) That's a fairly accurate representation of the school's buildings and grounds... not just the one perfect view or something.
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1) An annoying thing about being at work as opposed to in school: Work never gets out early.

2) Everyone at my office has BABIEZ. It is sort of disturbing.

3) OMG REGINA Tonight! YAY times a million!

4) Today I cleaned up my desk AND did the travel reimbursement forms that I have been putting off for ages.

5) My sister, whom I bought a ticket to tonight's show for months ago, is in Ashland, as she has seemingly forgotten about Regina Spektor somehow.

6) This week I sort of remembered how much I love Ani Difranco. Which is a whole lot.

7) Oh yeah. REGINA FUCKING SPEKTOR bitches. That's right. You are jealous.
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My grandmother brought me back presents from Israel including this necklace with twelve little stones on it which represents the twelve tribes of Israel and/or the twelve Zodiac signs.

It is awesome.

Even more awesome is the fact that as Cohans (on my grandmother's side at least) we are apparently Levites which is supposedly the second/green/Taurus one. So I am represented by the same stone either way.
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1)Either lying around on the living room floor with Davis until 4:30 in the morning is a habit I need to kick... or it's a totally viable lifestyle. I am not sure which.

2)Dear Firefox, stop trying to guess what I am going to say... it's extremely annoying.

3) I feel a friends-cut coming on. That is the nature of participating in friending frenzies... you add some people that you totally clivk with, but also some that you totally don't.

4)Does anyone else totally get choked up and cry or want to cry every single time they listen to "does he love you?" or is it just me?


a) I just spent $32 dollars on cakes for mom's birthday
b) I also just faxed over the form that i had not known I needed to say "yes, I want to graduate."


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