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Finally gave up on trying to update the old masterlist.   It is all on AO3 now anyway. 

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In Honor of my Last Day at this Job. I am going to make a post of all the fic I wrote while here (since that's the most productive thing I did here). The Stats are not unimpressive.

February 2007
"Displaced Shame and Affection", Rome, Octavia/Servilia, PG, 402 words
"No Fairy Dust, No Magic Words", Veronica Mars, Lamb, PG-13, 719 words
"Like High School", Grey's Anatomy, Callie, PG-13. 570 words
"The Ice is Thin, But Thickening", Ugly Betty, PG, 661 words
"Blossoming", A Song of Ice and Fire, Jon & Sansa, PG, 724 words
"Past", Harry Potter, McGonagall & Tom Riddle-Voldemort, PG, 370 words
"Hungry for the Light of Day", Mythology-Arthurian Legend, Arthur/Morgan & Merlin, PG-13, 608 words
"Butterfly Bezerking", His Dark Materials, Asriel/Marisa, PG, 252 words
"The Things That Aren't Hers", Firefly/Serenity, River, PG, 510 words

Total Words Written 2/07: 4,816
Fandoms Written in 2/07: Firefly/Serenity, Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Mythology-Arthurian Legend, Rome, A Song of Ice and Fire, Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars (9 Fandoms Total)

March 2007
Trees, RPF, Tris/Rashida Jones, PG, 545 words
Statistically, It Was Pretty Much Inevitable, Bones, Bones/Booth, R, 3014 words

Total Words Written 3/07: 3,559
Fandoms Written in 3/07: Bones, RPF (2 Fandoms Total)

April 2007
Sometimes the White Picket Fence Isn't A Bad Thing or How Ryan Realized He Cared about Dunder Mifflin... and Kelly, The Office(US), Ryan/Kelly, PG, 1768 words
The Napa House Veronica Mars, Jake Kane, PG, 1234 words.

Total Words Written 4/07: 2,002
Fandoms Written in 4/07: The Office (US), Veronica Mars (2 Fandoms Total)

May 2007
Long After the End, BtVS, Spike/Dawn, R, 4782 words
"Options", Grey's Anatomy, Richard Webber,PG, 570

Total Words Written 5/07: 5,352
Fandoms Written in 5/07: BtVS, Grey's Anatomy (2 Fandoms Total)

June 2007
All the World is Dark Without Her, A Song of Ice and Fire, Littlefinger/Catelyn Littlefinger/Lysa Catelyn/Brandon, PG-13, 1313 words
"Sweet Poison", A Song of Ice and Fire, Cersei/Oberyn, R, 505 words
"One More Reason Why Ben Hendrickson Wishes His Family Wasn't Polygamist", Big Love, Ben/Margene, PG, 537 words
"Translation Fails to Bring Meaning", BtVS, Giles, PG, 273 words
Temptations of the Flesh, A Song of Ice and Fire, Melisandere/Jon Sansa/Littlefinger, NC-17, 8099 words

Total Words Written 6/07: 10,727
Fandoms Written in 6/07: Big Love, BtVS, A Song of Ice and Fire x 3 (3 Fandoms Total)

July 2007
Pop Culture Thursdays, Bones, Bones & Booth, G, 1097 words
A Backwards Persephone, Harry Potter, McGonagall & Voldemort & Bellatrix, PG-13, 3165 words

Total Words Written 7/07: 4,262
Fandoms Written in 7/07: Bones, Harry Potter (2 Fandoms Total)

August 2007
"Set Right", A Song of Ice and Fire, Dany/Jon, PG, 540 words
Untitled Drabble, AtS/BtVS, Spike/Fred, PG, 100 words
"The Monster You Can See", A Song of Ice and Fire, Sansa/Sandor, PG-13, 600 words

Total Words Written 8/07: 1,240
Fandoms Written in 8/07: BtVS/AtS, A Song of Ice and Fire x 2 (2 Fandoms Total)

September 2007

"In Place Of", Doctor Who, Martha/Jack, R, 976 words

Total Words Written 9/07: 976
Fandoms Written in 9/07: Doctor Who

October 2007
Release, AtS/BtVS, Wes/Faith, R, 1139 words

Total Words Written 10/07: 1,139
Fandoms Written in 10/07: BtVS/AtS

November, 2007
Hypothetical RPF, David Tennant/Freema Agyeman, PG-13, 808 Words
Untitled Drabble, Doctor Who, Martha/Ten, G, 100 words

Total Words Written 11/07: 908
Fandoms Written in 11/07: Doctor Who, RPF (2 Fandoms Total)

December, 2007
"For Love and Honor", A Song of Ice and Fire, Jame/Rhaegar, G, 496 words

Total Words Written 12/07: 496
Fandoms Written in 12/07: A Song of Ice and Fire

January 2008
On the Shadow, A Song of Ice and Fire, Jaime/Brienne, PG, 3165 words

Total Words Written 1/08: 3,165
Fandoms Written in 1/08: A Song of Ice and Fire

February 2008
"Expediency", A Song of Ice and Fire, Littlefinger, PG, 519 words
"The Last Days of Winter", A Song of Ice and Fire, Jon, G, 492 words

Total Words Written 2/08: 1,011
Fandoms Written in 2/08: A Song of Ice and Fire x 2.

March 2008

April 2008
"The Reality of the Job", The Office(US), Pam & Michael & Jan, G, 545 words
"The Internet is for Fangirls (and Fanboys)", The Office (US), Kelly & Dwight, G, 613 words

Total Words Written 4/08: 1,158
Fandoms Written in 4/08: The Office(US) x 2.

May 2008
Carthage, A Song of Ice and Fire, Rhaegar/Lyanna, PG-13, 1708 words
"Until the Lie Becomes the Truth", A Song of Ice and Fire, Jon/Sansa, PG, 500 words
A Very Different Game, A Song of Ice and Fire, Jaime/Catelyn & Cersei/Verious, NC-17, 1957 words
And the Distraction of the Stars, Doctor Who, Martha/Ten & Jack, PG-13, 2009 words

Total Words Written 5/08: 6,174
Fandoms Written in 5/08: Doctor Who, A Song of Ice and Fire x 3 (2 Fandoms Total)

June 2008
"Taking the Black", A Song of Ice and Fire, Jaime/Brienne, PG, 501 words
"Simple as That", BtVS/AtS, Faith/Gunn, PG-13, 737 words
"The Form", AtS, Illyria, PG, 322 words
"Blowback", A Song of Ice and Fire,PG-13, 919 words
"Forgotten Afternoon", Doctor Who, Martha & Ten & Jack & Shakespeare, PG, 778 words
Judgement, A Song of Ice and Fire, Jaime & Jon, PG, 1142 words

Total Words Written 6/08: 4,339
Fandoms Written in 6/08: BtVS/AtS x 2, Doctor Who, A Song of Ice and Fire x 3 (3 Fandoms Total)

July 2008
Like Joan of Arc, A Song of Ice and Fire, Jaime/Brienne & Cersei, PG-13, 1977 words

Total Words Written 7/08: 1977
Fandoms Written in 7/08: A Song of Ice and Fire

August 2008
The Hunt, Mythology-Greek, Apollo/Artemis & Artemis/Orion, PG, 1144 words

Total Words Written 8/08: 1,144
Fandoms Written in 8/08: Mythology-Greek

September 2008(So Far)
"The Signature Stamp", The Office (US), Pam & Michael, G, 387
To Hold, Doctor Who, Martha/Ten & Martha/Tom, NC-17, 2690 words

Total Words Written 9/08: 3,077
Fandoms Written in 9/08: Doctor Who, The Office(US) (2 Fandoms Total)

Total Words Written During Tenure at this Job: 57,822
Fandoms Written During Tenure at this Job: AtS/BtVS x 6, Big Love, Bones x 2, Doctor Who x 4, Firefly/Serenity, Grey's Anatomy x 2, Harry Potter x 2, His Dark Materials, Mythology x 2, The Office(US) x 4, RPF x 2, Rome, A Song of Ice and Fire x 17, Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars x 2 (15 Fandoms Total) (48 Pieces of Fanfic)
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Some Stats on my Fanfiction Written Per Fandom

By Word Count

1) Harry Potter - 35,477 words
2) A Song of Ice and Fire - 23,548 words
3) Veronica Mars - 21,560 words
4) Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 13,889 words
5) Firefly/Serenity - 8,512 words
6) The Office(US) - 6,005 words
7) Grey's Anatomy - 5,061 words
8) Bones - 4,111 words
9) Doctor Who - 3,893 words
10) Mythology - 3,040 words
11) His Dark Materials - 787 words
12)Ugly Betty - 661 words
13) Big Love - 537 words
14) Romes - 403

By Number of Pieces Written(including all)
1. Harry Potter (34)
2. A Song of Ice and Fire, Veronica Mars (20)
3. Firefly/Serenity (9)
4. Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Grey's Anatomy (8)
5. The Office (7)
6. Mythology (5)
7. Doctor Who (4)
8. Bones, His Dark Materials (2)
9. Big Love, Rome, Ugly Betty (1)

By Number of Pieces Written(including items of 500 words or more)
1. Harry Potter (23)
2. A Song of Ice and Fire, Veronica Mars (13)
3. The Office (7)
4. Firefly/Serenity, Grey's Anatomy (5)
5. Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mythology (4)
6. Doctor Who (3)
7. Bones (2)
8. Big Love, His Dark Materials, Ugly Betty (1)

By Number of Pieces Written(including only items of 1,000 words or more)
1. Harry Potter (10)
2. Veronica Mars (8)
3. A Song of Ice and Fire (6)
4. Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (4)
5. Firefly/Serenity, Grey's Anatomy (3)
6. Bones (2)
7. Doctor Who, Mythology, The Office (1)

meme, frome [livejournal.com profile] blue_blazes:
Comment on this post and I will choose seven interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

archetypes I'm really into archetypes, not so much in the Jungian sense as just they way that our ideas about certain types of characters interact with the actual reutilization of them in any work of fiction, and actually life itself. We frame all our experiences in terms of this kind of shorthand.

ass is timeless One time [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix, [livejournal.com profile] sainfoin_fields and I went to see a play that my sister, in addition to being in, had costumed. The director had wanted the look to be "timeless" and my sister had come up with the idea that dance clothes are pretty timeless and so everyone was basically wearing leotards with various translucent additions. So there was a lot of viewing of people's asses involved, when this was commented on my sister tried to explain why, and well she only got as far as "Well the concept was supposed to be timeless..." before it was agreed upon that yes, ass is timeless. And it is.

Chaplain Tappman "It was love at first sight." I love Catch-22 and I love the character of the poor harassed Chaplain, constantly being picked on and stressing out about his wife.

cyberpunk staples I haven't read much cyberpunk, and it isn't a genre I expected to be into, but I've read Snowcrash and Neuromancer, which are staples of the genre and I absolutely loved both of them.

existentialism I was introduced to existentialism really in my sophomore year of college and I've always found it really in line with my own experience of the world. Just last week I was reading some Sartre short stories and really feeling blown away by his depiction of how things can see unreal and you feel like you are pretending to be yourself. Generally, existentialism is about being responsible for your own experience of life and I approve of that.

no choking it better! This interest indebted to Narnia RFP (among other fandoms) belief in the value of "raping it better". It drives me batty when people write sexual violation fixing sexual violation. [livejournal.com profile] sainfoin_fields was responsible for showing us the atrocity that caused the coining of the term. Then there was the whole incident with Isiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey and the choking that happened thanks to the prior's homophobic slur towards T.R. Knight. [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix and I knew right away that there was going to be slashy RPF about Dempsey and Knight and I groaned thinking about the inevitable choking it better that was sure to occur in some of those fics.

Victorian lesbian vampires Mainly this is a reference to Carmilla which I read right around the same time as Dracula and was blown away by. This book seriously has all the best things about the era.
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Title: Hormones and Herbology
Posted: April 7th, 2005
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hannah
Rating: PG
Word Count: 553
Notes: I wrote this out of [livejournal.com profile] qt_ninja and I's personal canon, but unlike most of that stuff it's fairly cute on it's own and I think it says so much about teenagers and hormones.

Title: Harri-son
Posted: April 21st, 2005
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hannah
Rating: PG
Word Count: 691
Notes: Also written for [livejournal.com profile] qt_ninja. This one is more just sappy and doesn't make sense out of context... which isn't written.

Title:Something Borrowed
Posted: April 5th, 2006
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Characters/Pairings: Petyr/Alayne
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1000
Notes: This was my first attempt at fic in the fandom, and (while I now see that all my friends were right and the last line is hollowly sappy) I very much like it. She is passive and in denial and he is tempted and gentle with her, but still manipulative

Posted: April 13th, 2006
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Characters/Pairings: Simon/River
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,417
Notes: This fic was originally going to be longer and more explicitly incestuous. I really like it anyway. The details are very River and it mirrors, in some ways, the fic I wrote about Simon dreaming.

3 Drabbles
Posted: April 24th, 2006
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters/Pairings: Adele/Richard/Ellis and Addison/Derek/Meredith
Notes: I was sort of always more interested in the prior triangle than the latter one.


Title: Sometimes the White Picket Fence Isn't A Bad Thing or How Ryan Realized He Cared about Dunder Mifflin... and Kelly.
Posted: April 2nd, 2007
Fandom: The Office
Characters/Pairings: Ryan/Kelly
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,768
Notes: I wrote this for the Office ficathon [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix organized and the bunny I had was for the larger world setup, instead of the fic itself. It took most of the time I devoted to the fic to figure out how to put it into something smaller and more manageable. I'm pleased with the results though, Kelly is Kelly, and Ryan and softened and humbled to the point where we are glad.

*Title: The Napa House
Posted: April 4th, 2007
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Character/Pairing: Jake Kane, mentions of Jake/Celeste and Jake/Lianne
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,234
Summary: This fic happened to me all at once, and I am so glad it did. Veronica Mars was wrong without the Kanes. As they obviously realized in the end.

Previous months can be found as follows: January, February, and March.
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Finished Shows I Am Getting To Now
Babylon 5 (76/110 episodes watched)[Finish by June 30]
Tru Calling (24/26 episodes watched)[Finish by April 30]

Not Now But Someday I Will Finish These
Black Books

Current Shows I Will Continue Watching When They Come Back
30 Rock
Doctor Who
The Office

Shows I Haven't Touched But Have Plans For
Dollhouse (Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku... need I say more?)
The Riches (I did watch and like the pilot)(20)
The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Because [livejournal.com profile] sainfoin_fields told me to)(also watched the pilot for this)(9)
Torchwood (I've been meaning to all along but the lure of Martha Jones pushed me over the edge)(24)

Anything else will have to wait.
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Title: Marked
Posted: March 6th, 2005
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Bellatrix
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 147
Notes: The rating is for violence and not for sex for once. This is another little snippet of my personal canon for these two.

Title: Labyrinth
Posted: March 24th, 2005
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings/Characters: ?/Snape, Narcissa, Bellatrix/Sirius
Rating: PG
Word Count: 331
Notes: I think this was the last thing I wrote before I realized there was no point in writing OCs in any meaningful role because it just meant no one would read your story. I still like it though, it's moody.


Posted: March 7th, 2006
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters/Pairings: The Kane Family, The Echolls Family, Veronica.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 640
Notes: This is really all about Logan's jealousy of Duncan, Aaron being a dick, and golden children vs. black sheep.

* Title: An Offer You Can't Refuse
Posted: March 16th, 2006
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters/Pairings: Veronica/Clarence, Weevil
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,030
Notes: My first attempt at Veronica/Clarence. It really turned out more gen than anything, but I still like the tone and characterization.

* Title: (Un)Wanted Side Effects
Pairing: Duncan/(Ghost)Lilly, mentions of Duncan/Veronica
Word Count: 652
Rating: Hard R, for incestuous sex and a little profanity
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers Through "A Trip to the Dentist" if you squint. This was the kind of fic I meant to write more of when I entered Veronica Mars fandom and this is the kind of Duncan I wanted to see more of on the show.

Title: Context
Posted: March 24th, 2006
Fandom: Arthurian Legend/Harry Potter Crossover
Pairings/Characters: Mordred!Salazar/Nimue!Helga
Rating: PG
Word Count: 873
Notes: This was a very appealing crossover because it allowed me to deal with both the Arthurian Legend and the Hogwarts Founders... unfortunately it really deserved a long story devoted to it's development and here is only a tiny glimpse because I fail at things like plot development and keeping to the same project.

* Title:Intersection
Posted: March, 27th, 2006
Fandom: Arthurian Legend
Pairings/Characters: Merlin/Nimue
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~900
Notes: I actually really like this piece. It's about the idea of Merlin living backwards and a reinvention of the Merlin/Nimue story to be tragic in a very different way.

4 A Song of Ice and Fire Drabbles:
Posted: March 30th, 2006
Characters/Pairings: Petyr/Alayne, Lysa/Petyr/Catelyn, Robert/Ned, Cersei/Jaime
Notes: None of these are really outstanding but they were a start to my fanon building and I've filled half of them out into full stories.

5 Veronica Mars Drabbles
Posted: March 30th, 2006
Characters/Pairings: Weevil/Catholicism, Logan/Weevil, Veronica/Lilly/Weevil, Veronica/Clarence, Logan/Lilly & Ducan/Lilly
Notes: Again this was more fodder for future stories than creative for it's own sake.

* 3 Firefly/Serenity Drabbles
Posted: March 30th, 2005
Characters/Pairings: Simon/River, Simon/Kaylee, Jayne/Kaylee
Notes: I really like the Simon/River one; it stands completely on it's own. The Jayne/Kaylee one is cute too but seems like it is less substantial.


*Title:Statistically, It Was Pretty Much Inevitable.
Posted: March 15th, 2007
Fandom: Bones
Pairings/Characters: Bones/Booth, Angela
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,014
Notes: This fic uses some cliche elements but I like to think they are well executed. Besides, it was lovely to finally get them together.
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Apparently I write a lot in February as opposed to January. 2007 is particularly packed because I wrote ficlets on request for basically every fandom I was ever at all into.

Changed by Time
Posted: February 12th, 2005
Fandom: Harry Potter:
Characters/Pairing: Hermione/Blaise
Rating: R
Word Count: 1230
Notes: Written mostly to amuse [livejournal.com profile] qt_ninja.

Posted: February 15th, 2005
Fandom: Arthurian Legend
Characters/Pairings: Uther/Morgause, Morgan
Rating: R
Word Count: 192
Notes: Mostly gratutious wrongdirtybad! but I actually really like how it turned out anyway.

* Inescapable
Posted: February 19th, 2005
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Bellatrix
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 244
Notes: My first foray into this pairing. Written thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hobviously's Het Day Drabblefest. After this I could never turn back.

* Hers
Posted: February 20th, 2005
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Bellatrix
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 288
Notes: I often feel that my earlier work in a pairing is often better than the later stuff. This is my second attempt at this one and I have to say I am still pleased with it.

* Eli
Posted: February 8th, 2006
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Weevil
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2169
Notes: When I wrote this I was originally trying to write a totally different fic about Weevil and Father Patrick Fitzpatrick and rage and faith and letting go... but there was so much work I felt needed to be done to get there that this became a fic all on it's own. And it's still a favorite of mine, even if i am sad I never wrote the other fic.

In the Attic
Posted: February 10th, 2006
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Bellatrix
Rating: R
Word Count: 1703
Notes: I liked the concept of this, the weird combination of childishness with the erotic, but I feel like it is a bit more forced than my other fics for this pairing. A lot of it feels like overly intentional titillation and I've often considered re-writing the whole thing due to my dissatisfaction with that.

Posted: February 15th, 2006
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Characters: River, Kaylee, Simon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 746
Notes: On some level this is a character study of Kaylee from River's perspective, but it's also about Simon and River's relationship and territorial feelings all around. I feel like this was the first time I tried to write from River's perspective as well.

* Birthdays
Posted: February 17th, 2006
Fandom: Grey's Antomy
Characters/Pairings: Cristina/Burke
Rating: PG
Word Count:1106
Notes: Beginning to write in this fandom was like slipping into a perfectly fitting garment or something. My natural impulse seemed somehow more right than it had previously.

* Hungry for the Light of Day
Posted: February 21, 2007
Fandom: Arthurian Legend
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Morgan, Merlin
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 608
Notes: Written for roguebelle, cyn_ful, and qt_ninja. This piece totally doesn't fit into my larger personal canon of Arthurian characterization and plotting but I quite liked how it turned out. As someone who is interested in conflict filled incest pairings, Morgan/Arthur has always interested me. And I love the idea of Merlin accidentally setting off such a huge amount of disaster merely because he has compassion for Morgan.

The Things That Aren't Hers
Posted: February 21st, 2007
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Characters: River, Crew
Rating: PG
Word Count: 510
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] silver_fic. She wanted pairings I wasn't prepared to write, but I think the gen turned out nicely anyway.

* Like High School
Posted: February 21st, 2007
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters/Pairings: Callie, Izzie, Callie/George, Addison
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 570
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] novin_haThis is written in second person, which is a tense I've never written in before or since but seemed really natural to this one. I think it is because Callie is so living and breathing and real to me.

* Past
Posted: February 21st, 2007
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: McGonagall, Tom Riddle, Voldemort
Rating: PG
Word Count: 370
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] shakanaman and [livejournal.com profile] qt_ninja.

Butterfly Bezerking
Posted: February 21st, 2007
Fandom: His Dark Materials
Characters/Pairings: Marisa/Asriel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 252
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] shakanaman. I'd written a ficlet from Marisa's point of view reminiscing and the idea here was to do the reverse and go from Asriel's.

* Displaced Shame and Affection
Posted: February 21st, 2007
Fandom: Rome (HBO)
Characters/Pairings: Octavia/Servillia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 402
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] aphrodite_mine. The story is really as much about the dynamics within the Julii clan as with Servillia.

Posted: February 21st, 2007
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Characters/Pairings: Jon Snow, Sansa Stark
Rating: PG
World Count: 724
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] rosenblut. I am eternally fascinated by these two re-meeting after Sansa's time as a "bastard".

The Ice is Thin, but Thickening
Posted: February 21st, 2007
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Characters: Santos, Hilda, Justin
Rating: PG
Word Count:667
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] qt_ninja. Well when Santos first appeared I felt like they did a great job of really giving a feeling of history in a way that surprised me from a show as shiny and symbolist... so this was sort of inevitable.

* No Fairy Dust, No Magic Words
Posted: February 21st, 2007
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Lamb
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 719
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] novin_ha. I've never wanted to write about Lamb before or after this, but this felt really right to me. I was especially pleased with the Wizard of Oz references.

In Review

Jan. 18th, 2008 11:30 am
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So I had this idea where I was going to link and talk a little about fics I had written in the month of January in past years. Except when I went to look I discovered that I don't really post fic in January. In total there are only 2 in the last 4 Januaries (one of which was this year and was originally posted in a ficathon in December so it almost doesn't count). In light of this I almost decided to abandon the project, but since I will want to do it in other months I figured I'd press on.

Title: On the Quieting of Ghosts
Posted: January 11th, 2005
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall
Word Count: 429
Rating: PG
Notes: This was originally intended to be ship!fic but ended up being a little reflection piece about how both of them see teaching, learning, and class time and the way that their own fears and the ghosts of the past effect that. I still really want to write them as a pairing, but I have never come any closer than this gen ficlet, sadly. Maybe this year.

Title: On the Shadow
Posted: January 3rd, 2008
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
Word Count: 3,165
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix during the [livejournal.com profile] asoiaf_echange Winter 2007 session. This assignment was a great excuse to finally write the dear ship. My original plan was something much longer and plot filled, but it was not really very suited to my skills and I didn't have the time to muck through it. So I tried to cut to the chase and imply what came before and after but focus mostly of the moment of change. I'm mostly pleased with the setting/mood.


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