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Title: Maybe, That First Time
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Characters/Pairings: John Connor, Kyle/Allison, Derek
Rating: General
Word Count: 1196
Notes: Written for [personal profile] allchildren/[profile] sainfoin_fields who wanted: Kyle/Allison, escape. Hope the John POV works for you, the idea just sort of ran away on me.

The day he reprograms his first terminator, he realizes that he is running out of time. )
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So I read Turn Coat last night, which was awesome as I've come to expect from the Dresden books. Somehow, Butcher always manages to bring it in a major league way. Seriously people, you should start reading them, they are delicious fictional crack and will make you happy. Sadly at least part of all three of my 3 fic ideas are totally jossed by the events of the book. But the events were worth being jossed by, even if sad.

This year, I finally attempted a seder of my own (after planning to for like 3 years and flaking or giving in to family pressure). It could have gone better; it could have gone worse. It was just Jeremy and I and [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix and [livejournal.com profile] actoplasm, which was good in the sense of my only having a very small table, but weird in that I was the only one who'd ever been to a seder before. I felt sort of awkward, at least until the wine kicked in.

On BPAL news, I definitely need to swap my Bhagdad for one that is more spicy. Lady Macbeth, Frumious Bandersnatch, and March Hare are all lovely on me. Juke Joint smells great in the bottle but turned sort of baby powdery on me, losing it's refreshing edge. I'm trying Siren right now; so far it has sweetened up somewhat on my skin but still seems distressingly woody (Must be the white ginger since I doubt it's the jasmine, vanilla, or apricot), probably just as well given my issues with ginger.

With the TV season wrapping up quickly (Oh Life! Why did you have to pick the pace back up and end awesomely and therefore make me sad that you will not get renewed even though it is your own fault you wasted this season for the most part? Oh Sarah Connor Chronicles! How are you so awesome?) it is sort of accidentally nice that Fox has kept fucking with Bones' schedule and doing weird empty weeks, because now there is still a lot of it left. More even than Dollhouse with it's late start. Does anyone know how many episodes Castle has this season?

Ugh! I never should have tried BPAL with ginger in it! It is making me want to die as well as not smelling good. Time to go scrub myself clean and then I will reward myself by trying Bengal on at last, which in the bottle smells perfect. Then in a few hours Jeremy will come home and we will go enjoy the fact that Little Caesars has opened up right down the street (my favorite big pizza franchise and one that is generally disappearing) and Jeremy got paid today and we have paid all our bills. But first, to get rid of this terrible judgment error of scent.
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My BPAL came today! I am currently wearing Frumious Bandersnatch because the some of it escaped the imp when I was sniffing them all. It smells SO GOOD (spicy-sweet-fruity honeysuckle) but is possibly disappearing too fast on me.

On first sniff: My bottle of Baghdad seems way less spicy and more musk/soapy than [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix's but hopefully that's an in the bottle issue and it will not wear that way. Siren seems a little musky too. Bengal, Lady Macbeth, March Hare, and Juke Point smell promising and I am excited to try them all out over the course of the next week.

My frimps are: Anne Bonny (intriguing), Wolfsbane (bleh), Golden Priapus (possibly awesome?), and Nuit (meh).

I will report on all of these as I experience them more fully.

I spent the evening Facebook stalking former acquaintances with [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix, which was amazing as always, and trying to decide on recipes for tomorrow night's Seder. Also a stupid quiz tried to tell me I should live in Fresno... ummm NO.

I am way behind on talking about TV (but up to date on T:SCC [omg wtf how are you so amazing], Dollhouse[wow this show is really stepping it up at last], Bones[finally we get to where we should have been at the beginning of the season], Life[better but still underwhelming, they have wasted this season], and Castle [LOVE!]... all of which I am feeling happy with). Also I finished watching season 1 of Dexter, which was just as compelling as promised, possibly I will talk about this when I get around to summing up Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica (two sci-fi shows that are polar opposites in how to make a TV show... or how not to in one case).

AND THE NEW DRESDEN FILES BOOK COMES OUT TOMORROW! Of course this means all fic writing needs to be put on hold for new canon absorption, but I am seriously ridiculously excited.
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A few days ago, looking through [livejournal.com profile] who_daily I came across the vid Mood Rings(Doctor Who: Ten/Martha/Donna/Rose) by [livejournal.com profile] anagraphic and while watching it I was torn in two for a minute. The vidding itself is very good but I was really bothered by the actual song choice. The id part of me found it adorable and cute, but the thinking rational part of me was extremely aggravated, by the entire premise of the song but specifically in light of Doctor Who and Ten especially. The underlying assumptions were like rubbing salt in an open wound. Because we all know that Martha, Donna, and Rose are OVERLY EMOTIONAL TICKING TIME BOMBS and poor Ten is SO INCAPACITATED BECAUSE THEY ARE PRETTY. Because, guys that is how girls are right? But it's okay, because they are pretty and make nice arm ornaments. And their being crazy people is the problem, not that perhaps THE DOCTOR IS AN ALIEN and maybe doesn't completely get certain things about being human. But seriously, the companions in question are not particularly hysteric, I would even say that the reverse is true, and last time I checked it is Ten who GETS AWAY WITH MURDER because people find him oh so special. Anyway, that the song exists speaks to the existence of this mentality in our culture, but I think we all know that already. It is supposed to be funny and cute to talk about how girls are so pretty but so crazy but... really all it is is more of the last panel of this. And that comic is amazing, but because it is pointing out a ridiculous thing, not being it.

The actual plot for Castle this week was not as amazing, but I still really am enjoying the show and especially the stuff with his daughter.

Castle - Episode 1x03 )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles continues to be amazing and wow me every week.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronoicles - Episode 2x19 )

Dollhouse is still problematic but now in an interesting and possibility good way that makes me excited to keep watching, instead of in a waiting for it to be something more than meh way.

Dollhouse - Episode 1x06 )

I found the BSG finale to be better if I didn't connect the dots and just looked at the immediate images and let them resonate in my brain instead of trying to follow the path of the show. I will probably post about it in more detail later.

I finally started to watch Dexter this week after being told to do so for a long time and actually owning season 1 for almost a year. I have watched the first two episodes now, and I am hooked. It is just so bizarrely engrossing.

I also finally gave in to the temptation and ordered my first BPAL. This is all [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix's fault since yesterday she was like "I'm playing with my BPAL, come play with me". And then my wrists smelled like cinnamon honey-sticks. Which of course made me want actual honey-sticks but neither the natural foods store nor Whole Foods had them, (Fuck you Whole Foods; this is just another way in which you are inferior to Wild Oats) Anyway. I ordered a bottle of Bhagdad (which is what I was wearing yesterday) and imps of Frumious Bandersnatch, March Hare, Lady Macbeth, Juke Joint, Bengal, and Siren.
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1) While getting our livescans done, [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix and I were looking through those "The Year You Were Born" pamphlets and discovered the amazing fact that the year I was born was the year of the first recorded incident of a ROBOT killing a human. Go 1984!

2) This week's episode of Dollhouse was actually GOOD. Not just not bad, but genuinely interesting and even a little funny. Maybe this opinion is a result of the realization that Adelle DeWitt is clearly the love child of Wes and Lilah, raised in a hell dimension, and that Wolfram and Hart is behind the Dollhouse and possibly Adelle and maybe her parents are plotting their escape. I think it was just a better episode though.

3) Sarah Connor Chronicles, why are you so awesome? Spoiler )

4) I bought a super expensive bathing suit on Friday. It is really cute and has actual straps and closure and not stupid ties and halter. Now I have to go work out though, because my stomach is not really up to standards for swimsuit season.

5) I watched some more early X-Files (season 1, disc 2, I think) on Friday. Mostly I am enjoying the show, but I cannot seem to turn off the part of my brain that keeps pointing out things like that they introduced some agents of color, but then they were super incompetent. I know it is hard because the whole set up of the show is Mulder and Scully vs. the rest of the world, but I keep ticking off incidents like that and judging. I worry what will happen if this spreads to everything I watch.

6)I watched the Lost pilot last night. Meh so far, but I know pilots are rarely representative of shows.
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So today I caught up on this season's TV.

In Brief:

Dear Bones,

You know I totally love you, but I really feel like you need to step it up a little this season. Maybe you just haven't gotten your flow back but it's been a while. Please institute plot line that does not involve Angela's exciting love life.



Dear Sarah Connor Chronicles,

You continue to be super awesome and bring it. You are really making every other show look bad in comparison. Please do not make me regret saying I love all these biblical references by doing something terrible and pedantic.

Much Love,


Dear Life,

You are a really awesome show and I appreciate you trying to do something unexpected in the romance department, but NO... just no. New boss is gross, okay. I like the way you are working with the rest of his character but I am not going to buy him/Dani. So please stop. Quite likely different casting would have fixed it but there would still be the creepy boss stalker factor. And you didn't cast it differently and it's aesthetically unpalatable as is. Also, I miss old boss. She was interesting and innovative.

Yours Truly,


Ps. Why is episode 2 of this season's Life missing?
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Hello internet. I've been abysmally out of touch since leaving my job. Basically this is because I've been busy relaxing, playing video games, and catching up on visits (so far my maternal grandmother,[livejournal.com profile] countouttheday, my father/sister/brother, and soon [livejournal.com profile] sainfoin_fields and possibly my aunt and paternal grandparents). Also catsitting [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix's LilycatTM. Basically I feel so much better (despite a bizarre sore throat) and quitting was the best thing I've done in a long time.

I will be online more in the next two days, as I need to be writing pinch hits (although possibly only one) for [livejournal.com profile] asoiaf_equinox and my Doctor Who femslash exchange fic, among other things. Also expect a write up on Season 1 of Life (which I totally liked and fulfills my kink for tough female cop detectives with daddy cop issues and men who broaden their horizons and deconstruct their reality... even though Charlie isn't a gateway to the supernatural like Angel and Harry Dresden) and the last two week's the Sarah Connor Chronicles (once I watch this week's as I was busy and didn't get to it Monday on account of Warhammer 40K Tabletop) plus the last two weeks of Bones and possibly season 2 of Torchwood depending on how fast we tear through that.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix and I feel that we must go see Lustra (SCOTTIE DOESN'T KNOW) as they are going to be in town on Friday. Y/Y?
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First there was TWO hours of Bones last Wednesday, the only show I've been anticipating really since the end of last year's season. The season finale was a little bit... ummm dissapointing but I still really really love this show.

Bones 4x01 )

So last week (or maybe the week before?) I watched Season 1 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I liked it, although some of the logic/paradoxes of time and causality sort of needed to be hand waved. Basically Summer Glau makes a great robot trying to understand and interact with humans and that's what's really compelling to me, much as I may like Sarah being hardcore etc. So last night we watched the season 2 opener:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x01 )


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