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Last night we watched Castle, and we laughed out loud and enjoyed it greatly. Seriously Nathan Fillion I adore you forever (see: sitting through Slither and not hating him at all in Waitress) and it was so nice to just enjoy something for being enjoyable. Of course that just made me wish Dollhouse was better than it is (not hating on, just underwhelmed). Seriously, David Boreanaz, Summer Glau, Alyson Hannigan, and Nathan Fillion are all rocking the shiny awesome new shoes and Eliza Dushku can't? When she is the one with Joss Whedon? I call foul.

Here, have a Doctor Who gen vid to Regina Spektor (spoilers for Season 4): The Call

Also, I just finished up reading Allison Croggon's Pellinor Series and while there is definitely room for it to have been more awesome, I found myself super pleased it existed. It is, at last, a book one can give to a teen/tween girl that is an epic fantasy with a female hero, which is both totally safe in both the sense of it does not espouse messed up gender/relationship ideas (I'm looking at you Twilight) and that it has no possibly protective parent angering content (much as I like the sex and multiple partners in The Lioness Quartet). Also I really loved the characters and sort of wanted to write fic about them while reading last night. So next time you are looking for something give a young lady in your life, I strongly suggest these books.
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1) If you have not seen these adorable pictures of David Tennant and Freema Agyeman you really need to. If you have already seen them, maybe you want to look again (especially at the shot where he is totally staring down her dress). He looks disheveled and she looks gorgeous and they are both so expressive and interactive. It's really rekindling my Martha love and making me want to write sappy fluffy Martha/Ten. Also it makes me want to be Freema because she is so radiant and gorgeous. Basically squee.

2)And then just when I thought that nothing could make be feel more bubbly and happy than those pics: Joss is coming back to Television and it's with Eliza Dushku! There are obviously concerns about the fact that it is Fox (which as [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix pointed out it means it is sort of like watching someone you care about get back together with their crazy ex again). But they do seem reformed somewhat (like the whole not having canceled Bones thing) and they've committed to 7 episodes, not just a pilot. Mainly it is Joss Whedon making a show with Eliza Dushku and I cannot see any possible way that could not be for the win.

3) Also yesterday I went to a class on preparing Grant Proposal Budgets and Budget Justifications and for the first time I could see a part of my job as sort of like constructing an essay, what with the gathering evidence and such. It was so refreshing and made me actually want to do something for work.

4)Overall this is putting me in such a good mood that I am offering drabble/ficlets to everyone. Please put in requests while the cheerful outlook stays with me. Any canon I am familiar with, any pairing or genfic.
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1)I do NOT have enough Buffy/Angel-verse icons. If anyone wanted to point me in the direction of some nice ones I would be much obliged. I'm particularly looking for ones of: Lindsey, Wesley, Gunn, Drusilla, Tara, flashback Darla, and/or Anya/Spike and I'm always open to upgrading my Anya, Faith, and Kate icons to new exciting ones.

2)Last night I was watching Serenity over at [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix and [livejournal.com profile] actoplasm's and someone happened to mention that Wash was like a combination of Xander and Oz. That lead to much discussion of what other Jossverse characters the crew of Serenity were a combination of. River, is of course the easiest. She's so clearly a combination of Fred and Drusilla. Kaylee I suggested as a combination of oldschool Willow and Anya, but it was suggested that perhaps there was more Fred than Willow to her because she's more confident. Simon has a lot of Buffy Season 3 Wesley, but he also has some mid-Angel Wesley to him. I could also possibly see some Lindsey in there. Jayne and Zoe are both extremely problamatic. Mal also, though there is definitely some Angel involved. Anyways... the real point I am getting at is: Who would you say the Firefly characters are alloys of in regards to Joss' other creations.

3)The amazing thing about sleeping enough, is that the alarm doesn't actually feel like the ned of the world and doom and destruction when it goes off.

4) Would anyone be willing to beta a now-AU Grey's Anatomy fic? Alex and Izzie, angst, alternate ending of the Denny situation. I wrote it long before the finale but it never got betaed and I'd still like to post it.

5) I am totally putting off writing my ficathon fics and/or doing actual work.


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