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I made a fanmix. Well, to be more accurate, I finished a fanmix I'd mostly created over the summer. The original idea was to have all the songs be from the timeframe where Voyager was airing, but I broke that rule on a couple of the songs eventually... because I am weak willed.

Redacted from lodessa on 8tracks Radio.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hamsterwoman , I was able to read Foxglove Summer last week, which (like the other Rivers of London novels) I quite enjoyed.

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You know, I really like Deep Space Nine, but I do have a problem with the way the relationship plot lines end up. That is that both of the female characters end up being awarded to dudes who waited in the end. This narrative is toxic because it is what creates the false expectations of “nice guys” and their rage and bitterness over “the friendzone”.

I want to make it clear that I don’t think that either Julian Bashir or Odo is an asshole “nice guy”. I simply think their plotlines, especially combined, give the wrong impression about how things work.

Specific Discussion Under the Cut )

These narratives are all too common in our fiction and they make it obvious why boys and men are so confused when it doesn’t work out like that for them. They’ve put in the time and energy, why isn’t doing “the right thing” working out like it does in text and on screen.
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So today I was driving to work and I was thinking about Star Trek (like always these days) and I was thinking about the Cardassians, the Federation treaty with them, the Maquis, the Bajorans, and Chakotay (of course).

Maybe it is telling of my background that I can never think of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, with its camps and its medical experimentation on prisoners, without thinking about Nazis and the Holocaust.

Of course, they are not the Cardassia's only casualties.

I started to think about who would choose to be colonists, to build their lives from nothing, to assume the risk. You have to be dissatisfied with your life back on Earth or wherever else you were before. You have to feel like there isn't room for the future you want there. I have to think that this would probably include a lot of mariginalized people/groups. I feel like Chakotay's tribe situation (stereotype problems aside) bears this theory out. Of course people who have faced systematic annihilation, oppression, and cultural erasure would be attracted to the idea of escaping the clutches of the culture that has done all this. So who else was out there in those colonies that the Federation was willing to sell out to the Cardassians? Were there disabled communities who carved a space out for themselves? Non-binary safe spaces? A new Jewish homeland?

Might they not all say "Never again"?

I always feel that it was a lost opportunity to have the "face" of the Maquis on DS9, the person who gives the whole speech about the Federation's hypocrisy when it comes to the Maquis, be a boring white male human. (Sure Cassidy sides with them but then they never talk about why.) On Voyager, we get Chakotay and B'Elanna (a man of color and a mixed species woman of color). We know their stories, the way that B'Elanna especially felt like an outsider. Still, the Maquis thing is mostly played down... another wasted opportunity. These only actual Maquis characters were also part of Starfleet beforehand. For a show that started out with the premise that two opposing groups were going to have to find out how to work together, there are only a few episodes where it even seems like an issue. None of the Starfleet characters ever acknowledge that maybe they were wrong or sorry. None of the Maquis talk about why they chose to fight. No one's reasons are ever discussed... on either side.

All of this is to say, I sort of spent all morning thinking about a family of colonists, where the mother is a Jewish human and the father is a Bajoran refugee and all of their daughters choose different paths (One who rejected her heritage and left to join Starfleet like Chakotay, but like him couldn't sit back and watch. One who learned the teachings of her mother's people and the situation of her father's and ran off to join the Bajoran resistance. One who stayed home only to have it ripped from her.) but all end up making the choice to come home and fight for their home and their people as Maquis. Also making up details about their colony and some of the neighboring ones and the relations between them.


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