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Okay, so I want to get back into fandom, but it's been so long and I don't really feel fic-ish about any of the things I am watching right now (Life, Bones, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, and Legend of the Seeker) and well truthfully I started in a book fandom and that's what I really crave, a few years to muck around between canon changes. But there doesn't really seem to be much in the way of book fandoms going on (dammit I deeply want there to be a Dresden Files fandom). And basically I have no idea what people are into these days, and prior to leaving I was getting pretty into Doctor Who fandom but now is sort of a weird time for that with hiatus and doctor change after that etc. So please flist, give me your advice.

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1. Attention to everyone who watches or ever has watched Grey's Anatomy. It's been almost a year and a half that I've been clean but there's this plot bunny that largely involves one Alex Karev and I am finding that I don't remember as much as I would like. So dear, dear, friends: help a fangirl out. Please remind me about any of his back story you remember, particularly any details about the whole growing up on bars/nightclubs because of musician father bit. (Anonymous comments are as always enabled, so feel free to use them if the shame of admitting you remember/ever knew is too much.)

2. [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix has followed up her post about BSG and Captain Planet with a possibly even better one about Torchwood and Captain Planet". Both posts are sheer brilliance.

3. There 4 More days left to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] asoiaf_equinox. Come on flist, if you guys don't want to signup for my fic exchange what does that say about my ability to run one? (To those of you who already have, you are the best.)

4) Of my unfinished/planned fics I am now realizing that over half of them are crossovers at this point. When did I start having so many crossover bunnies?

5) There is nothing (including how exhausted I am today) that a good lolcat cannot remedy:
more cat pictures
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Attention all ASOIAF fen (or just people who've read the books):

Sign-ups are open for the Fall 2008 Round of the [livejournal.com profile] asoaif_equinox fic exchange here. Sign-ups will be open through 8/11 and fics will be due 9/21. Please consider signing up and contact me with any questions or concerns.

That means I expect you to sign up and will take it personally if you do not, flist.
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Fandom, Entitlement, and Creator Hate

Not so long ago, I was discussing with [livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix how I've never really gotten creator hate. I mean sure I sometimes think that Ron D. Moore is utterly bonkers or just plain wrong and I think that Rob Thomas made some very poor choices and I hope he learned his lesson about fanservice, but that disappoints me in the show, it doesn't make he feel wrathful and betrayed. A lot of other people seem to take showrunner decisions (or even writer decisions that they blame on the showrunner) as a grave personal insult when they don't like them. They feel that Joss Whedon or Russell T. Davies or J.J Abrams owes them something and/or that their personal preferences and opinions actually effect writer decisions. Both these ideas seem so terribly entitled. Until you start personally financing a show, you don't have a right to demand anything from the show. And honestly, even if show runners are effected by what fandom as a whole is saying, it's unlikely they are reacting to you specifically and really I sort of wish they wouldn't react to fandom at all... because fanservice pretty much always turns out terribly (I'm looking at you Rob Thomas and Russell T. Davies). But really it comes down to this, sure I get upset about things that happen on shows. After all, I actually stopped watching The Office, mostly because of a minor character's plotline. But that's my choice and I can either decide to roll with the changes or stop watching the show, no one is making me be a fan. I'm not a yes woman. I look at my shows and texts critically, but I know my place in relation to these works is one of observer, not participant. It I want something done my way, I'd better do it myself.

On that note, I found Doctor Who's season 4 finale to be rather underwhelming, but here are my mostly positive thoughts on it by character. Because I do adore the damned show and there were a lot of little pleasing things mixed in. )

So maybe I've been playing quite a bit of Dungeons and Dragons since 4th Edition came out and I cut myself off from World of Warcraft and livejournal for a month and a half.

So all in all I really like 4th Edition. It's much more easily comprehensible than previous editions and simpler to play. It would definitely be a good time to bring in someone who has never played before. The customizable nature of the classes, while reeking a little of WoW influence, makes you feel more in control of your destiny. I also enjoy that, while a cleric is really nice to have, you don't actually need one.

Read more... )

Also in our group (cycling in and out in some cases, for instance my elf never plays when the half elf is around) if you want to ask questions about how they play: Dwarven Paladin (Davis), Dwarven Wizard (Robert), Dwarven Cleric(Davis), Dwarven Ranger(Kyle-my brother), Human Warlock([livejournal.com profile] actoplasm), and Half-Elf Warlord([livejournal.com profile] sophia_helix.

My main complaint so far is a minor one that does not effect the mechanics of gameplay. It is about the new alignment system. You can no longer be lawful evil or chaotic good. Which makes me really sad. I miss chaotic neutral less as only dicks played that.

Ps. Yes, I'm back
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1) 2 Weeks and 3 Days Until my GRE Subject Test for Literature in English.  I am in no way prepared.  Please ask me more questions.

2) I am not stalking Alan Rickman and Eliza Dushku; because, hey I really don't need to make an ass of myself in front of famous people I am actually impressed by. Also: work.

3) My sister has named her new kitten Mr. Ernest Worthing... no one said we weren't a nerdy family (Just be glad that that we didn't go with Ziggy Stardust or Buddy Holly or Biggie Smalls or any of the other ideas that were popular).

4) This weekend my cousin Rachel got married.  My cousin Matt was a bridesmaid... he also caught the bouquet.

5)I have pretty pretty nails (pink and whites and shiny light pink on the toes with white flowers and purple rhinestones). They make me feel... classy.

6) Possibly I never mentioned how pretty my undergraduate school is. ) That's a fairly accurate representation of the school's buildings and grounds... not just the one perfect view or something.
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So I was reading this Office fic. It's 4 Dunder Mifflin Employees finding out they are pregnant (and one not). To begin with I thought it was pretty good... but by the time I got to the 4th of 5 sections and Karen... like Kelly, Jan, and Angela had no thoughts whatsoever of not keeping the baby when she finds out she is pregnant I became pretty horrified.

Who is this person and what world do they live in?

Sure, Kelly I can see (after all she forgets to take her birth control pills accidentally on purpose). Jan the author built up the intentionality and it is canon that she wants kids. Angela... now I would have liked to see some sort of struggle here between believing that abortion is wrong and believing that being pregnant out of wedlock is wrong. I sort of thought it was implied though until I got to the next section. Karen, now that was fucking ridiculous. Karen is a somewhat ambitious, independent, non-traditional, woman. She isn't going to have her ex-boyfriend who ditched her for the receptionist's baby just because. There's no fucking way she'd assume she had to. The last section is not even getting discussed because... boring.

So yeah. I am seriously disturbed and actually pretty fucking enraged by this fic. I am not saying that they need to all (or even necessarily any) decide to have an abortion but that is doesn't even occur to them given the circumstances is fucking ridiculous and tells me horrendous things about the author's world view.
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1) Yesterday's adventures in HP fandom history made me realize that, while they didn't originate the claim, we probably have SugarQuill in large part to thank for the idiotic notion so prevalent in the fandom that Sirius/Remus is canon.

2)You know I started posting HP fic on ff.net in the summer of 2001. It was thanks to [livejournal.com profile] qt_ninja that I got into it. I joined FictionAlley fairly soon, and spent some times on the boards but I never posted much fic there because their standards as far as everything being perfect grammatically ecetera felt like too much effort to borther with more than posting the preface to my Minerva epic... so my interest waned quickly. Plus I found searching for stories confusing and the messageboard system to be a disjointed feeling way to handle feedback. However, it was there that I first started using the username Lodessa. I was aware that Cassandra Claire's Draco Triology existed (even before the fight with ff.net and the plagerism drama) but you know I never read it. I was at sea and quite unsure, so I never got too involved with the fandom drama of the era. OotP utterly destroyed my conception of the Marauders... which had been what I started writing fic with, but really my interest in HP and fic had vanished before that, thanks to a preoccupation with some local bands instead. I dabbled, but for a few years I really didn't do much of anything. That was until [livejournal.com profile] hobviously (though the journal wasn't called that then) decided to get involved in HP fandom and created a journal for the purpose. I had been an lj user in a non fandom capacity since January 2002, but her decision spurred me to look at lj in a whole new light and to reconsider the fandom I had lost contact with. I quickly followed suit and created [livejournal.com profile] lodessa just before the start of '05. Everything else... is in the archives.

3) I look at my fic list and find that the over half of my total number of fics posted in this journal are HP based (that's not counting the 2001/2002 stuff). Yes, some of them are barely more than drabbles, but considering that over half the time I've had this journal that I've sort of felt like distancing myself from that fandom and focusing on others... it is noteworthy.

4) Also I want to aknowledge [livejournal.com profile] nentari for being the second non RL fandom friend I made. She's an amazing writer, seriously should be publishing Original Fiction, and I was totally blown away when I read her fic after meeting her because of [livejournal.com profile] qt_ninja. [livejournal.com profile] nentari, you are a wonderful human being, and if I ever make my way to Portugal I hope you will agree to meet me in person.

5)There is probably a lot more I could say about HP fandom, but I feel it's best to leave it at this for the moment.
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On my latest poll... which not so very many people have taken. I have gotten 2 write in votes for me to write Logan/Veronica. This makes me wonder if some of my lj friends even read my journal. Anyone who has been here more than 5 minutes should know that I boycott even reading Veronica/Logan fic. It's not because I hate the pairing in canon, I totally enjoyed the latter part of season 1 as much as anyone, but because fandom is totally monomaniac about it. There are days in the [livejournal.com profile] vm_navigator where literally every fic linked is Logan/Veronica... and that's not because the editors are biased but because that's what's posted. Dear Fandom, GET OVER IT. Or it not, at least could you respect my choice to strike? There are a ton of great characters on Veronica Mars... and I am glad to see that recently there's been more Logan/Weevil (my OTP) and Veronica/Weevil (my guilty pleasure) out there. Yes fandom, there are other characters than Logan and Veronica. Yesterday I posted Veronica/Clarence Wiedman and a few people even read it (although most of my commenters did so anonymously because I guess it was a secret shame to like it?). I know fandoms are always dumb, each one in thier own special way in addition to general patterns, but this is my soapbox and honestly fandom you have killed Logan/Veronica. Good job. Also: LoVe...little ship names are always bad and yours makes me want to throw up.


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