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1) I totally hate work. I am tired of being everyone's bitch. I am tired of my lack of motivation. I am tired of pretending things are other than this.

2) I may have uploaded about two to three times as many Torchwood icons as I actually want today. I will delete/change most of them out in the next few weeks I am sure, but I couldn't resist the shiny.

3) I still need to find Robin Hoodie icons, but may wait until next week as the season 2 dvds are coming via netflix today and I don't want to be spoiled (I mean more than the obvious). If anyone has suggestions for good icon makers in the fandom I'd love suggestions though. I am looking for ones with interesting(and not ugly) text and all I am turning up are either beautiful but useless icons or ones with ugly and/or stupid text.

4)Today is a great day for Doctor Who vids, I seriously recommend:

[livejournal.com profile] laurashapiro's Shut up and Drive (Martha > You).
[livejournal.com profile] flummery's Handlebars (Ten's cause is noble and his motives are pure but yikes).

5)Meme, sort of stolen from [livejournal.com profile] entrangere: Pick any 5 of my livejournal tags and I will explain them. Then, repost, if you want, so that I can do the same for you.

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Mar. 27th, 2008 09:27 am
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Meeting with Boss (scheduled by him) has been postponed for the second time this week.


Feb. 28th, 2008 12:49 pm
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Dear Borders,

Your being a terrible company who treats their employees like shit is totally not appreciated.

Employee's Significant Other

Dear Mother,

Right around your birthday is not the time to make me angry with you. It encourages me to not get you nice presents and to make you feel old.

Your Child With Money

Dear Bra,

Stop trying to cut my boobs in half.

Your Wearer

Dear Dr. Riddle,

I totally appreciate that you are doing something you could rightly ask me to do, but could you be slightly less weird and sleazy about it?

Yours Truly,
That Cute Administrative Assistant You Are Always Weirdly Flirtatious With

Dear Self,

I know your OCD impulses make you want to spend all day adding books on goodreads.com, but please get back to work and stop undoing all the progress you've made this week as far as being on top of things at work.



Feb. 26th, 2008 12:06 pm
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After missing work on Thursday and Friday last week and playing video games all weekend, I have had a surprisingly impressive first day and a half back. I have been accomplishing a lot, even closing out things I've been putting off for months. I feel like I'm finally ready to get rid of the backlog that pulls me down when I think about being the good employee I try and seem like.

My arm hurts from playing Wii... I may have been overly enthusiastic and my mouse arm was already pretty tired from all the time playing WoW(level 57 yay!) and browsing the internet at work. Seriously the last 3 days have been painful, but I feel like I am recovering. Other than that I've really been enjoying the system, which is living up to my expectations.

Zelda: Twilight Princess
I feel like this game really encapsulates what is good about the Wii... that is that it is new and innovative but at the same time it maintains all of the best things about the old version and keeps true to the heart of Zelda/Nintendo. Playing this game (once you get past the controller stuff) feels like playing Zelda. It's beautiful and swinging your sword with the motion detecting capability is awesome, but in a lot of ways it is exactly like when I played Link's Awakening on Game Boy. My brother said it was like playing Ocarina of Time for the first time again (I cannot attest or deny since the N64 3-D rendering totally made things impossible for this girl to play). It's Zelda-like in theme, but also in function. The town sections feel like all the other in their sort of rhythm and logic and the balance of different aspects is just right. This means I find myself saying "this is impossible" and "I swear I've done everything there is to do" so much that I think Jeremy doesn't really understand that I am loving it. But I am.

She-Ra: Princess of Power
I've watched 4 episodes so far and I am loving it every bit as much as I did when it aired and I was barely out of diapers. Some of my reasons for loving it are different (a heroine who's main power is super strength, an apocalyptic world...) and some are the same (she's a princess, she has a sword with a gem on it, she's pretty and has pretty friends and a winged unicorn (or Pegasus with a horn), and the girl villains are sort of sexy). I had forgotten a lot of the plot details, but I still want to be She-Ra on some level and I am glad that she existed for me to want to be. Much as I love Lady Lovelylocks she preached a philosophy of good sugaring the sour and sweetness, passivity, and receptiveness, being appropriate virtues for females rather than action. She-Ra is a force for change. She takes action and chooses to work on making the world a better place, even though she has the option of escaping to a better place. She's a mover and a shaker.
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So I sort of tried to come out as a Jew today during our "holiday" potluck (that I tried to make non denominational and people brought a tree and other Christmas related stuff to) and people acted like they didn't notice what I was saying. Actually I've been trying to come out as a Jew or over a week and I feel like people are blocking it out.

So happy last 15 minutes of Hanukkah everybody. It's great to have one's heritage ignored.
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Last night I had a complete meltdown in therapy about the habituation I've fallen into and the way I am not dealing with writing my writing sample of statements of purpose for graduate school. I came to the conclusion that mostly I needed to stop breaking my own schedule and that Jeremy and I need to be harder on each other about doing what we say we are going to.

Today I looked at my latest pay stub and realized I have two weeks worth of vacation time saved up. I am of two/three minds about that fact:

1) If I don't use my vacation when I leave I get all that money paid out and saving would result in about a month's worth of pay by July.

2) Once the Christmas Rush is over Jeremy and I could use that time to go on an actual Vacation.

3) I could take some time off and use it to work on my graduate school applications. I really don't have as much time for them as I always think I will while working full time.

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Not Dead

Sep. 12th, 2007 10:36 am
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So I was out sick last week and this week I came back to unhappy coworkers and bosses.  Which makes me unhappy... and feel like crap emotionally as well as physically.  They aren't annoyed at me for the things I feel bad about regarding my work performance but the fact that I am insecure makes their criticism hurt even though it is about totally unjust things I shouldn't care about.  My problems with work to a certain extent stem from the fact that I refuse to BE my job.  It's not a career for me it's a job and I want to do a good job but it is not who I am and a refuse to let it ingrain itself on me.  They want me to be the job to love the office to become the identity of administrative assistance.  Fuck all that pedestrian bullshit.  I can't tell them but I will be out of her in a year and in the meantime I will simper and and smile winder than is natural and pretend that this is what I want out of life... but I refuse to believe it. 

In better news, it looks like the Rome Trip is actually a serious plan.  I've wanted to go to Italy for as long as I've known about its existence.  Yes I wish I could take a longer trip and August isn't exactly an ideal month and all that, but if I go on waiting for the perfect time forever I will never see anything and that is what my domestic travels in the last few years have made me realize... less than ideal trips can still be great.  And it's Rome people.  I seriously cannot begin to say how much this is the place.  Other people dream of going to Paris or London but that's never been me.  Ages piled on top of each other, all that history and yet still alive and vibrant.  My Italian professor in college was Roman and when she mentioned Rome there was just something that made you feel like there could be no greater place.  Other people have that feeling for other cities of course.  I've met a lot of New York-philes in my life.  But I think that Rome is something different.  There have been cities and towns and landscapes I've loved myself.  I'm still planning to go back to New Mexico and bask in its mesas and afternoon summer rains and the cliff dwellings and shards of pottery lying everywhere.  Chicago stole my heart unexpectedly.  But it's different.  I've never been to Europe.  Roman roads were built to last and everything points back,  indicators of something great and terrible.  I don't know what it will be like... but I know it is worth finding out.

Also, help me study for me GRE Subject Test for Literature in English.  Ask me about an author or piece of literature from the literary canon (no contemporary stuff please) and I will tell you about he/she/it.  If I don't already know I'll find out.
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1) The battles going on inside of my head (body vs. pollen and antiboitics vs. sinus infection) are making me tired.

2) I think I have won the battle with grant supplement submission forms this round.

3) I cannot make any of the phone calls I need to because there are a billion people in the conference room and they have the door open so it is too loud.

4)Lunch cannot come soon enough.

Name any fictional character and I will tell you three facts about my personal canon of them.


Name any fictional character and I will tell you three reasons they suck.
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1) An annoying thing about being at work as opposed to in school: Work never gets out early.

2) Everyone at my office has BABIEZ. It is sort of disturbing.

3) OMG REGINA Tonight! YAY times a million!

4) Today I cleaned up my desk AND did the travel reimbursement forms that I have been putting off for ages.

5) My sister, whom I bought a ticket to tonight's show for months ago, is in Ashland, as she has seemingly forgotten about Regina Spektor somehow.

6) This week I sort of remembered how much I love Ani Difranco. Which is a whole lot.

7) Oh yeah. REGINA FUCKING SPEKTOR bitches. That's right. You are jealous.
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1) "Stop mocking me and drink my Guiness." Me to [livejournal.com profile] shakanaman, Saturday 7/15/06, at a random Irish Pub in San Francisco with [livejournal.com profile] hobviously and her sir.

2) Clearly they city is the home of a wizarding prison. The dementors totally explain the fog. I cannot believe it took me like a year after the release of HBP to figure that out.

3) At the Japenese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park, I recieved a fortune cookie that informed me that I would be very happy with my WIFE. So apparently I am going to end up lesbian/bi?

4) Last night I dreamed I had just gotten accepted to a Masters program in Germany. Strange considering I am looking to do a PhD program in the US.

5) I really like the new melon-ade wave jamba juice flavor. It's so... different.

6) Okay now I'm really just putting off a)doing work and b)finishing my two ficathons fics that are due this week.

7) Friends locked post to follow.


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